‘The Shadow Within’ — Book Review

“The Shadow Within” by Karen Hancock, Bethany House
It was a bad day. Having just been dealt a terrible personal failure of predominantly my own making, I took the day off and read ‘The Shadow Within.’ I had finished the first book in the ‘Legends of the Guardian-King’ series, ‘The Light of Eidon,’ and I was eager to discover what was next for Abramm, Meridon and Carissa
Abramm Kalladorne, heir to the throne of Kiriath, has returned home to slay a monster and claim his crown. He does both in short order. But Abramm hides many secrets, not least of which include the red dragon burned on his arm and the gold shield seared into his chest. Now he must win the hearts of his people, the nobility and his family, as well as prepare his country for the coming war with the Armies of the Black Moon.
Fiercely opposed by his youngest brother Gillard who has worn the crown in his absence, Abramm must overcome foes within his own family as well as the dark forces gathering in Kiriath. And while Abramm struggles to keep his secrets, a headstrong princess from a neighboring country is intent upon uncovering them all and making them public.
While Abramm faces these challenges, his sister Carissa has left Abramm in disgust, feeling completely betrayed after he took the Terstan shield. Now virtually shut off from the world, Carissa meets danger on her own as well as an inner turmoil over her hatred for her brother that she discovers in time is really a hatred of Eidon whom she blames for all her troubles. The warlock husband she fled years ago is intent upon reclaiming her to produce an heir, and Carissa must find a safe haven or be lost.
I LIKE these character. I relate to their struggles. ‘The Shadow Within ‘ was just what I needed to help me find perspective in the struggles I was facing. Thank you, Karen Hancock, for a great read and for hitting the nail on the head with the ‘Legends of the Guardian-King’ and reminding me Who holds my hopes, dreams, and failures in His hands.
Book 1:The Light of Eidon book review
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