The Rock Still Stands

A wise king once wrote, “There’s nothing new under the sun . . . What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again . . . ” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) After 26 years in the Christian music industry, Carman reports the same, “there’s nothing new, it’s all about Him . . . it’s always been about Him.” As an artist, Carman hopes that through the long process, he has become a better communicator of the Word. “Unless you’re going to change the scriptures, the message remains the same.”
Yet, there is something new for fans of Carman. He has a new record company, a new CD this fall supported by a new DVD and fall tour dates. In the spring, a major new tour will be launched, and then, Carman’s first novel, Destiny’s Image, will be released. He’s also just finished recording “The Champion”, a 5CD/csx audio book available to his ministry supporters this fall and in retail next spring. After years of writing scripts for video interpretations of his music, Carman is also writing movie scripts. He considers all this standard operating procedure.
When asked about what he has to say these days, Carman remarked, “the lyrics tell what is happening in the heart. ‘For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.'” (Matt. 12:34) It”s all part of “different people expressing what they know.”
Available September 9 at your favorite Christian retailer, or online at, “House of Praise” is a worship CD that captures the energy we’ve come to know as Carman live. It also reflects an intimacy with the Father every born again believer longs to experience. In fact, for those of you looking for the perfect love song, “all of my life” in My Pledge will speak volumes to your heart and emotions.
The opening cut, “Good To Me,” marries Calypso with exhortation in traditional Carman audience singalong style. It’s catchy. You’ll think you’ve always known it and later will find the chorus dancing in your head. It’s a natural hand clapping, toe tapping, “Praise the Lord” song, as is “Stand Up.” It’s nearly impossible to be still for this song.
Blending traditional hymns with contemporary arrangements, “Just As I Am” and “I Have Decided” echo the surrender of Carman’s heart for ministry through his music. When it seems no one is there, “I need to hear you say…” from Always Will speaks to the Father and reflects the Father’s heart for his children – with a revelation of His need to hear from us – always.
Included on the CD is Carman’s stand for democracy with an introduction and benediction from President George W. Bush. The gift of freedom for the American people and the family of Jesus Christ is flag waving in Red, White and Blue.
Much of what you hear on the CD you will be able to see on TBN October 31 on Carman’s Halloween Special. Check local listings for time and channel.
Carman considers his biggest career accomplishment to be longevity. His secret? Knowing when to rest and when to go. “75% of a heavyweight championship match is spent on the stool,” Carman expounded. “There’s a time for everything. A time to come out and rest, rejuvenate, sit on the stool and rest. Then it’s time to get back in again.” Understanding the spiritual warfare associated with ministry and the demands of a music career, this analogy is truth in action.
Aware of the energy needed from all the people that travel with Carman, and being sensitive to their family obligations, Carman limits his tours to approximately 70-90 cities a year. In addition to requested appearances, when planning a tour he looks for venues in areas that usually don’t get Christian music. Carman believes the most important ministry he can do on a tour day is the concert that night. As a consummate professional, when he walks on stage, he delivers to the audience what they are there to see regardless of personal circumstances.
“This is what I’m still saying,” Carman concluded. “After all these years, the presence of the Lord is still accomplishing what it is supposed to do. We’re still finding different ways to give that message an ear so people can have contact with Him. He’s the one that changes lives not us . . . we just work here.”
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* Editor’s Note: Cross Driven Records recently welcomed Carman to their roster of artists. Carman will celebrate the release of House of Praise, his first studio project in three years, on September 9 and will launch a multi-city tour on September 30. Other upcoming events for Carman include an all-new two-hour Halloween special on October 31 and a full-length live companion DVD that is slated to release on November 4.
In a career that spans more than 25 years, Carman has earned two Platinum records and nine Gold records as well as two Platinum videos and six Gold videos. Through his non-profit organization, Carman Ministries, well over 1 million people have come to know Christ.
House of Praise is on the Cross Driven Records label, a division of Here to Him Music Group ®, and will be distributed to Christian retail through Provident Music Distribution and to mainstream outlets through BMG Distribution.
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