The Prayer

The anxiety was escalating as she watched news coverage regarding the infiltration of American troops into the foreign land.  She had gone about her daily routine, so that the children would not be alarmed.  She ask herself over and over how was she going to make it, her husband had been deployed in September with no idea when he would be back. 
Military wives must be strong everyone said.  What strength she had, had brought her and the children through Christmas and they were now into the New Year, the waiting had been unbearable but now that the time had come for action the anxiety was even more than she could have expected. 
She put the children to bed and continued to stay glued to the television.  Hoping beyond hope that it would only last a few hours, knowing that it would last for sometime.  By three a.m. she could take it no more, she fell to her knees in her bedroom and prayed to God that she just couldn’t do this.  It was beyond her capabilities and she had no idea what to do.  She was three thousand miles away from family, two small children, and fear was taking over her every thought. 
In that moment when she lay all of her fears at his feet, she felt an incredible warmth in that small bedroom so far from anything she knew.   It felt as if someone had wrapped her in their loving arms and she knew that it would all be okay.  As a child that is hurt and cries to their parent and they hold and comfort them, she too felt comfort. She felt ultimate Peace.  She knew that whatever happened in the next few months that everything would be okay.  “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)


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