Complaint: Music Downloads

Concerning the article “Music Downloads: Today’s way to get music by
Gerald Reas” (12/28/2004) I believe this article to be misleading, and hard to read.
The final two paragraphs are the best example of both problems.
The misleading statements are:
Downloading music from file sharing programs…
1. is illegal.
2. may pose a virus threat to your computer.
3. may incur large fines
The first is completely untrue in the United States…
The second is true of any Internet connection.
The third is only true for copyright infringement.
As for my claim that the article is hard to read, please read the last
It’s as if the writer was trying to sum up the article, but only used
thoughts from the previous paragraph…
I believe that peer to peer file sharing software could help many
Christian Internet sites save money on bandwidth. Or allow churches
to share recordings of services.
It is sad to see someone write authoritatively about something they do
not understand.
Please try again. After study you could do much better.
That being said I am not an authority on the subject of file sharing.
(or writing 🙂
The above comments are my opinions nothing more.
Even so, I would be happy to provide details about Christian file
sharing if you wish.
Thank you for your time and service to the Christian community,
,Michael Geddes
Thank you for writing. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.

Regarding the article “Music Downloads: Today’s way to get music”, I personally found it well-written and informative. The author did not claim to be an expert but was simply sharing his experience and thoughts on the subject. We appreciate your feedback.
The Editor


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