The Nobler Road

The allurements of this world, are a constant, tempting pull.
We want the nicer, newer things: all that’s beautiful.
The lures are so enticing, for better, richer, more,
But is it worth the cost, if in love – they grow up poor?
If you desire first this world, and it is what you choose,
Keep in mind the future, and the time with them you lose.
Children need the hours with you, to talk, to share, be near.
Every child longs to know, they’re wanted, cherished, dear.
I know of which I speak, we chose the frugal way.
We’ve sacrificed by having less, but realize today
That time invested here today, pays dividends forever.
‘Things’ lose value when compared to time we’ve spent together.
I remember as a little child, my mom was always there,
To care for us, to be with us in joy or in despair.
She gave her ‘wants’ away, and spent her years for us.
She sacrificed herself, and we gained from her so much.
Did God the Father feel the same, in giving us His Son
Who chose to part with paradise, and pine for little ones?
He spent Himself, despised the shame, for great, and small, and meek;
He came to draw the children near, and press them to His cheek.
As mothers live and love as Christ, the children get the two,
The gift of mother’s gracious life, and God’s love shining through.
In following the harder path, they pave the nobler road
That leads up to this precipice: the place of loves abode.
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