The Loop Challenges Young People

It’s no secret that Nashville has a big Christian community. Nashville
also is a city with a growing number of young professionals. In an effort
to bring these two groups together, The Loop, a non-denominational
gathering for young adults, is an attempt to change this particular
demographic from people trying to climb the ladder of commercial success
to people completely living their lives for God.

The age in a person’s life where so much changes and develops, is the time
during and after college. This is a crucial period where one sets into
place what they will do with their lives and what they will live for. This
is also the time where so many people that grew up in the church, find
their lives going on without it.

The Loop meets every Monday night at the Brentwood United Methodist
Church. Each services features worship with David Lewis and the Loop Band,
followed by a speaker.

On June 28, Bobby McGraw spoke on Daniel 6 and “What to do when you come
under attack.” Every day, Christians can be encountered with an attack
against their faith and as McGraw stated, “these attacks are caused by
someone you know.” He therefore, wanted to prepare the audience for such
attacks, to recognize the attacks and then stand firm in their convictions
and beliefs. McGraw also said that these attacks will cause an inner
battle in the Christian’s heart between what the character of God would do
versus what would be convenient to the Christian. By being faithful and
fully committed to God and having a strong knowledge in His Word, one will
be able to do the right thing in such circumstances.

After the service, the group gathers for free food and fellowship. A team
is also available for prayer or questions.

The Loop will resume regular weekly meetings on July 12 at 7:30 p.m. after
the holiday break. Featured speaker will be Andy Savage with a two-part
series entitled “Famous People.” Visit for more


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