The Day of Salvation Radio Program

The day of salvation is a radio program to the 20 million Amharic speaking
people in Ethiopia and different parts of the world.
Preaching Jesus via radio into Ethiopia by proclaiming the gospel to the masses
and bringing teaching, inspiration and discipleship to people in desperate need.
We are now living in the most exciting and opportune time for the fulfilling of
the Great Commission in Acts 1:8 to reach the people of the earth regarding the
death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Radio crosses borders closed to missionaries and enters the homes of people who
desire to know more about how to live the overcoming life in Christ.
About myself:
I met my savior more than 9 years ago. At that time not only my entire life,
but also my career changed from being a health assistant to a print media
journalist. I started my career as a reporter for a government daily newspaper.
Addis Zemen (New Era in English) has the largest circulation in Ethiopia.
Those three and half years were unforgettable. I was able to upgrade my writing
and journalistic skills through on the job training.
According to God’s word, the Bible, in all of our lives there are times and
seasons. Nothing stays the same and we all have to move on. One day, I decided
to glorify God with my pen.
It is clear that I was called to write for my generation. However, the first
years were my training period to become a writer and then a publisher.
Writing is a talent given to me by God to be used for His glory. The Lord told
John on the Island of Patmos to write three things what he had seen (history),
what was happening then (current affairs), and what would happen in the future
(prophecy). The same principles are applied in my ministry.
So far I have translated and written six books and booklets, and checked,
edited, and proofread another twenty-two. 73,000 copies of these books are in
circulation. More than 12,000 are expected in the future. Also, I have
contributed a number of articles to various Christian and secular publications.
I believe in God, the Father, the Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the
I believe in the eternal deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Virgin Birth, in
His sinless life, in His substitutionary death on Calvary for our sins, in His
triumphant bodily resurrection from the grave, in His exaltation as Lord of all,
and in His indwelling victorious life within His Body, the Church.
I believe that all are lost apart from the saving grace of Jesus Christ and that
salvation is by faith alone through the shed blood and regenerating Spirit of
Jesus Christ.
I believe that the true Church is composed of all those who have been born again
through Him.
I believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired and infallible Word of God to
all mankind, the rule (canon) of all our faith and moral conduct.
I believe in the present fullness and operation of the Holy Spirit in the lives
of men and women, whose workings are the source of all holiness and grace and
the mainspring of all gifts and ministry, and by whom the Father is presently
and finally restoring and renewing the Body of Christ in all the earth.
I believe in carrying out the Great Commission of our great God and Savior Jesus
Christ to evangelize the lost and to lift the burden from the poor, the
afflicted, and the needy (by all means).
I believe in the personal and literal return of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the
triumph of His universal and everlasting kingdom—world without end! Amen.
I remember the day I read Christianity Today magazine in the library of
Evangelical Theological College in our capital. When I saw a classified
advertisement about preaching Jesus to the nations via short wave radio. I felt
God spoke to me with an inner silent voice. However I didn’t pay attention.
When I was invited to Gegrapha Conference (a global fellowship for journalists,
from August 10-14 in Washington, D.C. – more than 250 professionals from 50
countries attended) I recalled the ad about radio preaching and found the
address in order to contact them. At the appointed time I discussed short-wave
broadcasting over End Time Revival Network (ETRN) with them.
I learned that ETRN buys blocks of time and offers them in 15-minute segments to
God-called ministries for WWCR, which reaches Europe, Africa, the Bahamas, and
the east coast of Canada, the United States, and South America.
WWCR uses two primary short-wave radio stations that target Europe, Africa,
South America, Asia and India–including the 10-40 window where we are told the
bulk of non-Christians live.
An additional station is in the process of being added that will add South
America on one side of its antenna and the United States on the other side.
What a great opportunity!
I am one of the people God has called to preach Christ through the ETRN, which
is a division of Gary R. Lightfoot Ministries.
There is be a 15-minute time (trial) slot available on Fridays which would air
in Ethiopia about 6:00 p.m. local time on Friday evenings. There is also a
possibility of a 60-minute block of time going into Ethiopia which would enhance
the listening possibilities in the near future.
This provides an opportunity for me to take the gospel to the nations of the
earth, especially my people (20 million Amharic speakers) in Ethiopia, Africa,
Europe and the Middle East.
What is short-wave radio and why use it?
Short-wave signals, unlike other radio or TV signals, “bounce” off the
ionosphere (an umbrella several hundred miles above the earth’s surface). The
“bounce” continues back and forth between the earth and this umbrella
until the signal strength dissipates from repetition. How far the station
reaches depends upon the angle of the original transmitted signal, much like a
ball being bounced. If the ball is bounced close to your feet, it remains close
to you when it returns to the ground. If the ball’s original bounce is farther
from you, then its succeeding bounces reach out even further. By the time the
force of the original bounce is depleted, the ball covers quite a distance.
Short wave is a powerful, inexpensive tool to reach the spiritual needs of
millions of people. Many people in the world have short-wave receivers…and
use them daily.
Through the use of cassette tapes or CD’s God’s message of salvation, hope, and
comfort can be taken to people in other parts of our world via short-wave radio.
This is one of the most powerful tools the Body of Christ has to proclaim the
Gospel to the masses.
For more information or to assist in supporting this ministry, please contact Alemayehu Mammo
11123 Nicolas Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Phone: 301-649-4933


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