The Christmas Guest – Andy Griffith

The Christmas Guest – Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith will be a welcome guest in your home this holiday season with The Christmas Guest, his third album on Sparrow Records. From the eloquent arrangements to the Andy’s elegant vocals, this isn’t the Andy Griffith that people have heard before. Eschewing his earlier folksy style and bypassing his recent gospel sound, The Christmas Guest offers Andy’s unique take on the holiday with a collection of short story readings and songs that conjure warm memories of holidays gone by.
As a small child, Griffith was captivated with a French Christmas story he heard on the radio called “The Juggler.” He fell in love with the story and for nearly seventy years has held it close to his heart, hoping one day to record the story himself. “The Juggler” was the spark that put The Christmas Guest in motion, and made Griffith’s life-long dream come true.
In addition to “The Juggler” and three other moving spoken-word selections, all recorded with lush orchestrated undertones, The Christmas Guest features several Christmas carols with gorgeous bluegrass arrangements, courtesy of producer and country music legend, Marty Stuart.
The album launches with a captivating retelling of the classic Christmas story, “The Christmas Guest.” The beautiful orchestration blends with Andy’s masterful story telling to present a very poignant holiday message.
From such a moving scenario, the CD moves into a joyful country/bluegrass version of “Joy to
the World,” offering a needed uptempo counter balance to the poignant first track. The project continues in this vein, carefullfully weaving moving stories with popular holiday favorites and catchy bluegrass tunes, achieving a delicate but effective balance.
One vibrant example of this masterful arrangement is found in “O Come O Come Emmanuel/What Child Is This?” This is a lush rendition of two holiday favorites, opening with a solemn, quasi Gregorian chant, combined with
gorgeous instrumentation to create an intro that is both rich and deep. The elegant harmony to the “Rejoice” chorus. The song segues into “What Child Is This?” Andy’s voice blends well with the background vocals and instruments to create a rich tapestry of sound. This may turn out to be my favorite Christmas song of the season; it will certainly be hard to top.
The project ends as it begans as the story “Belleau Wood” seques into a mellow, rich rendition of “Silent Night.” The song and project concludes with Andy’s final spoken benediction – a fitting ending to a stellar Christmas project.
The choice of songs, harmonies and instrumentation is masterfully crafted into a final product that presents not only some of the finest music Andy has made in the last ten years, but also some truly memorable holiday moments.
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The Christmas Guest


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