Motivo Promo Tour Postponed Due to Fires

Yesterday was the official release date for the self-titled debut CD from the San Diego based Motivo. However, we are sad to announce that the scheduled promotional activities for the week have been postponed due to the deadly fires raging throughout Southern California.
Jorge and Lily Valdez, both vocalists for the group, have finally been able to return to their home since their shows in Mexico this weekend, due to evacuations and fire lines.
“It was really amazing to come across the border and see all of the destruction from the fires. We have been blessed to have friends that we can stay with, but many in our community have not been as lucky,” states Jorge.
Instead of the scheduled press interviews and promotional concerts around the area, Motivo has been donating their time at one of the evacuations centers in their community. Jorge continues. “This is a time to pull together. The scope of this tragedy is huge – I think everyone in the area knows at least one person who has lost everything in these fires. We can promote records all day long, but if we don’t help our neighbor, than it’s worth nothing. Right now we get to spread hope and love through our actions as well as our songs.”
Horizon Christian Fellowship, who the band ministered with in Mexico over the weekend, has become one of the Red Cross Volunteer Training sites in the San Diego area. In addition to the work they are already doing, the band hopes to play concerts throughout the week for many of the families that have either lost their homes or been evacuated from them. “Hopefully we can bring a little joy to people who desperately need it right now.”
Crowne Music and Motivo will be re-scheduling their planned events over the next few weeks. We will be posting photos of the relief efforts on throughout the week, as well as supplying information on how people can donate to help rebuild the lives of families in the area.


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