The Chase: A Novel – Susan Wales and Robin Shope

‘The Chase: A Novel’ – Susan Wales and Robin Shope, (Revell a division of Baker Book House Company; ISBN 0800759346)
Jill Lewis, the top-rated investigative reporter for the Washington Gazette in Washington DC, is about to uncover the story of her career: an adoption scandal involving a United States senator. When the senator realizes that Jill is in a position to expose him, he presents her boss with fake documents and Jill is not only fired, but blackballed from every major newspaper in town. Determined to uncover the truth, she leaves Washington to stay with her mother in a small town in Wisconsin, where she accepts a job at the town’s newspaper. As Jill uncovers more and more about the scandal, she begins an emotional roller coaster ride as she realizes she must be selective about who she can trust – including her own family. Through it all, God is drawing her back to himself.
‘The Chase’ has engaging suspense and heartwarming intrigue that gives the story a balanced pace. The characters are believable and real. Jill, the main character, endures real-life events that leave her with real-life choices. I could feel the terror she felt. I could share in the suspicion of everyone around her. Who could she trust? I would not have trusted some of the people she did and would have trusted others she hadn’t. The book plays out in a well organized fashion with plenty of twists that kept me guessing. The unfolding of facts, the emotional roller coaster, and how God played a role in it left me satisfied!
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