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Easter – I cannot get enough of this holiday! My spirit is filled with delight, gratitude and an overwhelming urgency! I know that opportunity is popping out everywhere, from my personal walk to evangelical possibilities!
Easter is a day of renewal for me! For the obvious reason, spring. It brings a
“newness” to your day. Waking up to sunshine and longer daylight hours! More important though, is the celebration that reminds me what my God did for me! Acknowledging that I have Someone who loves me more than I can even comprehend, this is exhilarating!
For this celebration, I like to make time for just me and God. I reread the verses that depict Christ’s death (like Mt. 27:45-56, or the other accounts of Mk, Lk or Jn). Then I let it all soak in…..asking God to allow the Spirit to help me understand the magnitude of this “act for me”! I am blown away by the sacrifice, this intense Love that God has for us all! I feel so consumed by the warmth of His mercy and grace…that words cannot even begin to convey what takes place in my spirit! Everything else just melts away and I come face to face with the Truth that I am loved, I am forgiven, I am favored and most of all……I am a child of the living God! That is so big and the concept is hard for me to wrap my mind around! But it is not my mind that is left reeling, but my spirit! I am on fire with a holy passion that rages through, to the core of my being! It’s like a turbo-inferno-charge! My relationship instantly goes from horizontal to vertical. I am an infant in the arms of my Creator, my Abba Father, gazing into the eyes of Love…….I am keenly aware of my security in Him. I know that there is nothing too big for me because I am grafted into the Power Source, I belong to the One who holds the future and the One who owns eternity! What a rush of hope and a flood of peace. I know that I can do anything for God, whatever He calls me to…….because I am chosen!
Every believer needs to take the time to renew and remember “why” Christ did what He did on Calvary. Then fall into His arms, let His Spirit flow over you, forging to all of your weaknesses. You will arise strengthened and equipped to climb to new levels in your walk with Him!
Easter, Christ’s death and resurrection represents all that we are as children of God. Through His death we are empowered by what His shed blood accomplished…..It conquered satan and the power of sin over us! We can, through the strength of the Spirit, break down strongholds in His Name, take back territory from the enemy and be mighty warriors for God! We have armor like no other Saint before us! The possibilities are limitless! It’s only when we put a lild on the opportunity or allow satan to keep us blinded to the Truth of our power through Christ and His blood! Shake off your shackles, empower yourself through the knowledge and wisdom of your Savior and all that He handed you at the Cross!!! Ignite the passion for your risen Savior this Easter!! Rock the world for Christ!!

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