That’s All Folks

There are those who shine brightest like the 100 year comets lighting up the night sky and go off so loud that they make the ground shake beneath them.
Then there are dozens of sparklers and bangers that promise much when you look at the packet, but really don’t do much more than fill the gaps between the big bangs.
In the box loosely marked Contemporary Christian Music, the Paul Colman Trio quickly became the firework that was saved for last. The one the crowd would wait all night for.
And the trio never disappointed.
Over the past five years, pc3’s music has dealt with some heavy issues including self-righteousness, side stepping responsibilities, and self-identity. Always packaging its message in a way that appealed like a ‘happy lantern’.
And as the title of the trio’s debut album suggested, it was all about “Serious Fun” – a balance of serious and fun music with lyrics that dealt with the basic issues of living as a follower of Christ.
Paul often said that he simply wanted people to know that the most serious fun they’d ever discover is following Christ, letting Him take control of the serious issues of life and allowing Him to lead them into the joy of living.
I think Paul Colman (lead singer/guitarist), Grant Norsworthy (bass/vocals) and Phil Gaudion (drums/vocals) achieved that goal wherever they performed. They created a “New Map of the World” and drew us together as “One”.
The Paul Colman Trio has completed its highly successful seven-city farewell tour.
Drawing thousands of supporters from Brisbane to Adelaide, and Perth to Sydney, the tour logged multiple sellout shows.

Youth Alive (Victoria) Director and tour promoter David Molyneux, says that the trio’s inimitable style and dynamic stage presence won support all over the country.

“The tour exceeded all expectations and the guys communicated an in-touch, relevant message about God,” David said.

Paul Colman is heading back to the US to work as a solo artist, Grant Norsworthy has already returned to Nashville to write songs, and Phil Gaudion will remain here to produce albums for local artists.


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