Tait Celebrates #1 Record and Release of Debut Album

Made up of Michael Tait, Pete Stewart and brothers Chad and Lonnie Chapin, Tait (the band) introduced their debut album, Empty, to markets across the country on July 3rd. The first single from that album, “All You
Got,” is currently #1 on the CCM CHR chart.
After meeting five years ago, Michael and Chad became great friends and
songwriting partners. Two years later, the two hooked up with the band,
Curious George, to play a few festival dates for fun. It was then that the
two friends decided they’d like to one day get their own rock-n-roll band
together, and tour the world..
In 1998, Michael and Pete collaborated on the song, “Uphill Battle,” for
ForeFront’s Ten: The Birthday Album, and became fast friends. Lead singer
and guitarist at the time for Seattle-based Grammatrain, Pete found common
ground with Michael in his love for rock music. After Pete moved to
Nashville a year later, the two collaborated again, when they worked to
co-produce Pete’s self-titled solo album..
In a much less musical way, Michael first met the fourth member, Lonnie,
through his brother Chad. Growing up together in Bend, OR, Chad and Lonnie
Chapin had always dreamed of playing in a band together. In 1996, they made
the decision to move to Nashville and try their hand at the music business..
As talk began about Michael putting together his own album, he instantly
thought of the friends that had, by now, become such an integral part of his
music. And so, the band came together. With Michael on lead vocals, Pete
on guitar, Lonnie on bass and Chad on drums, they are, together, Tait.
“I am very excited about the songs they’ve written and produced for this
album. They’ve made an excellent record that I’m eager for people to hear,”
said Tait’s co-manager, Dan Pitts. “ It makes my job easier because it’s
something that I’m excited about as well. I know this music will make an
With an album full of songs that draw from the relationships that Michael
has been touched by in his life, and a sound that can be described as
“pop-laced rock n-roll,” Empty is a glimpse into the person behind the
artist, people may think they already know.
>From songs such as “Unglued,” which talks about the pain Michael went
through losing his father, brother and sister in one year’s time, or
“Bonded” that simply talks about spending more time with Jesus, to the
title track, “Empty,” which truly speaks to the spiritual question, “What if
you gain the whole world and lose your soul,” the listener will feel the
highs and lows of everyday life, that we all go through.
Tait is currently touring with dc talk members Kevin Max and tobyMac. For a
full list of concert dates, check out www.Taitband.com, www.dctalk.com orwww.forefrontrecords.com.
The Christian Activities Tait Forum is at: Tait Forum

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