Circadian Rhythm “Over Under” Europe

40records worship artist Circadian Rhythm is slated to begin their first
European Tour, featuring festival, concert and worship event performances, beginning August 6.
The band will take the stage at the Netherlands’ Flevo Festival, where they will lead worship on
three separate occasions during the three-day event. Performances at Sweden’s Frizon Festival
and the Humle Festival in Finland are also slated for the group.
The three-week Tour will also include several dates in the United Kingdom (UK), including
Stoneleigh Bible Week, a worship event designed to challenge youth to spread the Gospel, and
New Wine and Soul Survivor, festival/worship training events established by Matt Redman.
In addition, the group will travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where they will participate in a
worship event at Christian City Church and make an in-store appearance at CrossCulture City
Music And Books.
“Taking our music transcontinental is something we have dreamed about from the beginning,”
said Circadian Rhythm bassist Paul Barber. “This European Tour is a promising step in that
direction. We are eager to see the music transcend culture, language and even faith diversities.”
“We are very excited to have Circadian Rhythm in three major music countries in Europe,” said
Robert Hanegraaff, director, CrossCulture, and sponsor of the
Tour. “CrossCulture has felt an instant connection with the band, and their music is accessible,
relevant and contemporary in a way that relates very well to the youth in Western Europe. We
believe that Circadian Rhythm’s performances will not only be of a very high musical standard, but
will have an everlasting impact in the lives of many young people across Europe.”
Over Under Everything, Circadian Rhythm’s debut recording, released April 24.

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