Support Your Local Band

Contrary to most people’s thinking playing in a, ‘Christian Band,’ isn’t a life filled with glamor, fame and riches. From my experience over 20 years now of writing about ‘Christian Music ‘, I would estimate the number of bands that can actually make their entire income from the band would be less then ten percent. That would be unacceptable for secular bands but the Christian artist has a higher calling given to them by the Lord to
spread His word to the world through their music.

You can find these bands all over the main and back roads of this
country and around the globe. Usually all jammed into a small van or in a
car pulling a trailer full of band instruments and equipment behind. They
spend hours and hours of their time practicing, scheduling and
themselves. Usually they can’t afford to hire a PR team to spread the
and promote them. With all the other things the bands have to deal with
often the self-promoting has to get put on the low priority wrung of the

That is where you the,’ fans’, or as I like to call us,’ band
supporters’, can become involved. You can assist them by helping to
the word about their upcoming concert. When they will be playing in an
close to you call local radio stations, pass out flyers on the street.
all of your family and friends know about the concert and ask for their
help in spreading the word. The main point is to let as many people as
can know about the band and any concerts they may be playing in your
Please also don’t forget the power of prayer. Pray, Pray, Pray and then
some more that God will bless the band and its music ministry. Don’t be
afraid to also ask your pastor or youth leader about inviting a band to
your church to play. Many just starting out and not yet nationally known
bands are willing to play an event for a free will offering.

These bands are the modern day Apostles taking God’s word out to the masses and reaching those who probably wouldn’t hear the, ‘Good Word,’ any other way. It is good to see all the press the nationally known
Christian acts are getting now. Most of them have paid their dues along the way but let’s not forget those bands just starting out or going the independent
route. They can use and will appreciate you help.


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