Summer Update

Thank you for all prayers breathed heavenward when you think of The Caleb Company or of me.  These have been some very good weeks.  I will do my best to capture some of the highlights as I share the following update about our summer.
The Lord graced us with Asher’s visit in mid July.  He spoke to a very diverse group from a number of fellowships on Thursday evening in Belmont Church’s Fellowship Hall.  Asher’s strong Kingdom/ Kingship message left people wanting more.  They did not want to leave!  We had a long prayer and ministry time following the message.  Then his messages at “The People’s Church,” one of the largest and most influential Baptist Churches in the area, were also very well received.  This congregation is seeking hard after God and our time with them was very encouraging.  At the conclusion of the second message it was like static in the room.  Conviction lay over the body.  People started spontaneously coming to the front to ask for Asher or others of us to pray for them. 
Before Asher left town (he had laparoscopic hernia surgery that kept him in town several days!) some of The Caleb Company board met with him to hear more about his training center, evangelistic outreach, congregation planting vision for the Jerusalem corridor and how God might want to unite our hearts behind this vision until we see more of Israel come to the Lord.  Eitan Shishkoff was also in town for a few days the following week, and we were able to connect with him and hear more about the vision the Lord is giving him for the north. 
A few days later we spent the evening with Richard (Ayal) Frieden who heads the youth ministry “Heart Rock” in Jerusalem, as well as works with the Messianic youth all over Israel, with whom we are also united in heart.  Our time with Ayal was punctuated by an evening hearing Heidi Baker, the dynamic minister from Mozambique and Eastern Africa.  All of us left spiritually refueled and challenged! 
I also had the honor and joy of speaking at The People’s Church (two Sundays during Pastor Rick White’s sabbatical), and was also well received.  As I was completing the message the first Sunday, I was praying the Ephesians 3:15ff apostolic prayer over the congregation.  At the final AMEN, the Lord sent a booming thunderclap that accented His word!  It came as a complete surprise to the congregation and all of us broke out in applause. On my second visit I spoke the “Promise-Timing” intersection message about the times in which we are living.  They were right there with me.  I ended with the God blessing (normally called the Aaronic benediction) from Numbers 6:24-26, in English and in Hebrew.  It’s amazing the effect that ancient God-given blessing has on people, many of whom left in tears.
Also during this month we have had two significant meetings with the larger Jewish community.   One was sparked through Laurie Moore’s connection with the Israel Consul General in Atlanta and with the head of the Jewish Federation here in Nashville.  Laurie is the one who steered the Israel resolution through both of our Tennessee legislative houses.  The Lord graced me with the heart and appropriate words to speak to the gathered Jewish people and Christian leaders about the horrors of the Church’s past relationship with Jewish people and our commitment to love and walk with them, knowing that we differ regarding Jesus being the Messiah of both Jews and Gentiles.  A similar opportunity was afforded me with leaders from the Israeli Embassy in Canada while on a long week-end of speaking near Ottawa.
This week I will fly to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to spend time with Coach McCartney and Raleigh Washington about their new “Road to Jerusalem” endeavor.  Their vision seems to connect with the vision in the house of “Caleb.”  They desire to see the Messianic Jewish believers united with the evangelical believing Gentiles to form the “one new man” that Paul foresaw.  Later in the month, Coach and I will join Curt Landry in Grove, Oklahoma, to have a One New Man Conference.
In September Tina Marie is leading a group to Israel.  I will be along much of the time, will be staying in the same hotels along the way, but will also spend more time with the brothers and sisters in the Land.  Tina Marie will be extending her stay, after the rest of the group returns, to find out how the Lord wants to use The Caleb Company, Tina Marie specifically, or any of the rest of us inside the Land.  She will be spending time with both Asher and Eitan and their teams specifically (along with others) to get a better understanding of what is on the Lord’s heart for all this.
Before I close, let me encourage you to look at Psalm 130 as a possible personal daily prayer:
“Out of the depths of cry to you O LORD.  O Lord, hear my voice.  Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.”  As long as we are earth-bound, we will be crying “out of the depths,” and we will need His mercy
“If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, o Lord, who could stand?  But with you there is forgiveness, therefore you are feared!”  No comment.  True words for all!
“I wait for the LORD.  My soul waits, and in His word I put my hope.”  Stay on this for a while, pondering the Word, laying hold of Scripture promises to you, His child, for your family and close friends.  Release again the prayers you have been lifting for years regarding your life and those around you.
In case you have not meditated long enough on that, go back over it!  “My soul waits for the LORD, more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.”
Now, to those of us who have caught that love for Israel and how she is the unique nation of all nations, through whom blessings to the rest of the nations will come, get ready for this outreach prayer, this world prayer, this prayer that engulfs the nation of Israel, this prayer that reaches out to the Diaspora, the scattered Jewish people, of the world.
“O Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the Lord is unfailing love.  With Him is full redemption.”
Go after this in prayer!  Envision faces and families, neighborhoods in Israel and in the Diaspora.
One last thought of confidence:
“He Himself will redeem Israel from all their sins.”
Have a blessed day and a blessed life – Don Finto


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