Repairer of the Breach Ministry

Repairer of the Breach, a new Nashville-based ministry designed especially for women, held its first interest meeting last Saturday at Through the Grapevine in Murfreesboro. Founder, Rachel White, who’s also a counselor and teacher in the ministry, assembled prominent figures working with struggling women across Nashville and Murfreesboro to share their knowledge and own personal hardships.
Repairer of the Breach’s goal is to help women find healing and freedom through prayer, counseling, and personal testimony. Their ministry team has multiple team members who are available to pray and counsel with women in many different topics like feelings of rejection associated with being adopted, abandoned, losing a child, divorced or widowed. Also, those healing from sexual, mental, or emotional abuse or grappling with addiction or eating disorders will always have someone to turn to.
“We want to help Christian women take hold of the abundant life that God intends for his children and, in turn, help lead others to that abundant life,” says Rachel White.
The interest meeting was more of a celebration of God than a formal event. Shelley Robert, art team member, gave lessons on the art of making earrings. Repairer of the Breach believes fashion is a healthy way to worship the Holy Spirit and intends to use profits from their unique clothing and accessory line to put back into the ministry.
“Taking your time and making things on your own the way you like it is important,” says Robert. “God did that to us—we are all beautifully and wonderfully made.”
Members also shared testimonies while special speakers like Jerrell Beard energized the crowd and stole the show. “I know this ministry is going to another level!” shouts Beard during his fiery yet inspirational performance. “There is a diligence in here for serving God.”
Other speakers like Joan Vanleer-Moore, founder of Mothers of Grace Ministry for the sick and shut-in, and Gina Wheeler, former prison psychologist and now-founder of World For The Kids in Murfreesboro, added their own testimony for support. “This is truly one of the most inclusive ministries I know of,” says Vanleer-Moore.
Anyone in need of support or interested in getting involved with Repairer of the Breach Ministry can call (615) 631-5925 or email:


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