State Senate Prepares for Historic Pro-Life Vote

Following impassioned debate, a hostile amendment and increasing pressure from both sides, members of the state senate are preparing to take up SJR 127, a pro-life resolution calling for a public vote to allow restoration of common sense pro-life protections. Discussion and votes on the historic pro-life measure could take place as early as Thursday, March 4 and, once again, mobilization of pro-life Tennesseans is critically needed.
“Staff for members of the Senate Finance committee reported significant numbers of constituent emails, calls and letters in support of SJR 127 prior to the 11-0 committee vote,” commented Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life. “We’re moving forward and pro-life Tennesseans have the momentum. However, our opponents are also gearing up and we can’t grow complacent if we are to succeed in passing SJR 127 through the full senate in coming days. We must increase—and expand— our many efforts to see SJR 127 passed,” Harris said.
Our message to all 33 state senators is simple:
Pass SJR 127 without the gutting Herron-Clabough Amendment .
The hostile amendment was added in Senate Finance Committee and was only narrowly approved when Senator Bill Clabough (R-Maryville) joined pro-abortion senators to support its attachment. The vote was 6-5 in favor of the hostile amendment.
Tennessee Right to Life opposes the amendment for one reason: it opens loopholes which provide opportunity for policy decisions regarding abortion to be determined once again by activist, pro-abortion judges rather than the Legislature which is directly accountable to the people of Tennessee.
Please contact your state senator immediately and urge pro-life friends, family, church members, and co-workers to do the same.
Without passage by both houses before the end of this legislative session, Tennesseans will not be able to vote to restore common sense pro-life protective laws in our state.
Let the People Vote! Support SJR 127 without the gutting Herron-Clabough Amendment!


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