St. James has bold message for young people

Christian singing artist Rebecca St. James has a message for young men and women and for their parents as well. And she is quite direct with what she has to say.
“If young people don’t get the love they need within the family, they are going to look for it elsewhere.”
This was the statement from St. James as she spoke to me by telephone recently. She was in Graceville, Fla., on a tour which will take her through Nov. 11 as she travels from Florida to Kansas.
With St. James will be the band Tree63 and singer Rachael Lampa.
The singer’s message of abstinence can be heard predominately in her album, “Wait for Me,” as well as in the current concert tour. St. James said “Wait for Me” is a song for young women and men.
“I’m singing it asking the future husbands of today to wait for us. It’s kind of a different idea because it’s putting the responsibility on the guys.”
Born in Australia, St. James has been singing since she was 15.
“I was in a Christian rock band in school – that was my beginning,” St. James said. “But before that I had surrendered myself to God and said, ‘God, whatever you want to lead me, lead me there.’?”
Christian artist Carman heard a demo tape of the young singer and asked her to be support act on his tour in Australia.
“God grew my passion for singing, for ministering for sharing with people about my love for God, even after I signed with the record label. I think my knowledge that is what I am called to do is growing – I’ve never really had any doubt,” said St. James.
St. James has a definite place in her heart for young people and the struggles and problems they face on a daily basis.
“I come from a strong Christian family, and I am so glad of that and so glad that not only did my parents take me to church, they encouraged me to live for God, and they always lived it themselves. Kids need that. They can see if you are living it or not.”
St. James encouraged parents to be involved with their children.
“I encourage parents to be really involved with their kids and spent time with them, show them love and support. It’s a big responsibility for parents to let the kids know that they do love them. If they get good input at home, they are less likely to get involved with sex outside of marriage. ”

St. James said young people not only need parental guidance, they want it.
“Parents shouldn’t be afraid to give young people guidance and direction because they are asking, they are starving for direction.”
St. James said she has heard positive comments from concert-goers about her message.
“People are coming to our show and responding so well to my message about abstinence and living a holy life. The fact that young people are responding that way shows you that they are crying out for answers and direction.”
St. James began her current tour just three days after the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennyslvania. She said she had prayed about how to share a message of hope and how to encourage people during this time.
“I have been talking a lot about hope. One of the things I am saying is that if we are on earth with God or in heaven with God, we are with God. A lot of people are really searching their hearts right now as to what to believe. Some haven’t been to church in a long time, and they’re attending church now because they are looking for answers and looking for God. It’s encouraging that there is a spiritual awakening, and I have been encouraged to see how God is taking this horrible tragedy and is bringing good out of it.”
St. James said a message of hope will also be a part of her concerts.
“If you are hurting or afraid because of the recent tragedy, and you are looking for hope, come to a concert. It will be a night of hope and encouragement, an uplifting night.”
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