Somewhere in the Rubble

Somewhere in the rubble
At this moment there are tears
Suffering we can’t imagine
The very worst of all our fears
Calamity in such proportion
That we can scarcely comprehend
Hours of darkness, just beginning
And we have yet to know the end
But somewhere in the rubble
In that city far away
Thousands still are clinging
To a thread of hope today
Our hearts are filled with anger
With bitter shock and with dismay
But let us not forget this hour
To pause, and simply pray
For those who are in danger
And their would be rescuers
That God somehow may protect them
And give them strength to yet endure
That He might comfort those with loss
Give wisdom to the leaders there
And wrap His arms around this nation
In our moment of dispair
Let us lift our prayers together
As we struggle just to cope
For somewhere in the rubble
There is still a ray of hope
Frank Carpenter
Mariners ChurchNewport Beach, CA
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