‘Shivering World’ by Kathy Tyers

Dr. Graysha Brady-Phillips is suffering from a genetic disorder that not only causes excruciating pain and debilitating weakness, but will eventually lead to an untimely death. When she is offered a position on the planet Goddard, where rumor has it gene fixes are performed, she jumps at the opportunity even though the planet is in the early stages of colonization and far from habitable.
The planet’s colonists are rumored to posses a radical — and illegal— science that may offer her only hope for a cure. However, Graysha is the daughter of the colonist’s worst enemy, Novia, whose mission in life is to seek out and destroy those who genetically alter humans. Graysha must win the colonists’ trust in order to learn their secret… but if she learns that secret, she could destroy them all.
Graysha soon learns that a slow death from her illness is not her only concern. The planet is on the brink to reverting to an icy death and Graysha may be the only one who can prevent this from happening. Adding to her dilemma is her belief that someone is trying to kill her. To win her own survival as well as that of the planet she must convince the enigmatic leader of the planet’s colonists to listen to her, trust her, and let her in on the planet’s secrets. For Goddard holds more than one secret, including one that could set Graysha free from much more than illness and death.
In a world where most religions have been combined into one world religion and others are kept secret, where science and religion intersect, one women holds the fate of a world in her hands. This sets the stage for a compelling look at a possible future as well as an exciting sci-fi read. The only flaws were in one or two awkward transitions from point A to point C where I felt like I missed something in between, but even this almost enhanced the fast pace and urgency of the book. The religious elements were woven in with such a precise and complementary balance to the plot that they actually enhanced the suspence and urgency of the novel. Shivering World is a compelling, thought-provoking mystery inside a mystery, well worth the time to read.
About the Author
Kathy Tyers is the bestselling author of Balance Point, Truce at Bakura, which made the N.Y. Times bestseller. She has also written the acclaimed FIREBIRD series (which will be re-released by Bethany in Fall 04). She has earned degrees in microbiology and education and lives in Bozeman, Montana, where she plays flute in the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra.
Shivering World by Kathy Tyers
Trade Paperback; $12.99; ISBN 0764226762
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