Rodan + Fields Technology Changing Skin Texture, Firmness, Appearance

On Oct. 1, 2010, Rodan + Fields unveiled their Anti-Age AMP MD System with the breakthrough micro-needle roller. The roller had already been through clinical trials and the results were unprecedented. Out of 615 people tested by an independent study group an amazing 100% were shown to have improved skin texture and 89% showed improvement in fine lines. See Rodan + Fields AMP-MD clinical trial results – 100% of participants improved
Molecular biologist Dr. Timothy Falla explained in a recent seminar that Rodan + Fields knew the AMP MD roller and serum worked, they just weren’t sure what was causing all the changes. It was known the micro channels not only allowed the serum to be absorbed through the skin’s protective barrier, but additionally, the small holes stimulated collagen. But that didn’t account for all the changes seen during clinical trials and customer feedback.
Derma Roller Clinical Trials
100% of clinical trial participants were assessed with an improvement in their skin’s texture in 8 weeks.

89% were assessed with an improvement in fine lines

84% were assessed with an overall improvement

84% were assessed with an improvement in their skin’s moisturization

68% were assessed with an improvement in their skin’s firmness

53% were assessed with an improvement in pore size and skin tone

Micro Channels Changing DNA
To determine what was at work, Dr. Falla’s team took tissue samples and used one as a control group with no roller. The second group of tissue samples was rolled every day and then tested. Tests conclusively proved that the tissue samples which were rolled every day were changed down to the DNA. Using the AMP MD roller actually changed the skin’s DNA makeup, By five days, there were major rises in the levels of DNA that causes increases in collagen and other beneficial DNA. There was a corresponding significant drop in bad DNA. According to Dr. Falla, by Day 5 of the tests, the change was “massive.”

My Personal AMP MD Roller Review
How does this play out for a regular person? In my case, I used the roller on my lips for ten days during which I took before and after photos. Within five days there was a noticeable change in the shape and definition of my lips. By day ten the results were clear. See the photos above.
The roller has also been show to reduce “turkey neck” by firming the skin around the neck and jaw. While I have never had “turkey neck,” I have never had a strong chin, partially because my chin is not very prominent, and partially because my hyoid bone is. This has given me a rather soft jaw line and chin where the skin has slightly draped from my chin down to my neck without a very clear chin line or jaw line.
Due to a surgery on my neck right under my chin a decade ago, I was left with scar tissue I have been breaking down with the derma roller, which has also been shown to reduce scaring. See Rodan + Fields Anti-Age AMP MD System: Treatment for light scarring
To my surprise, while viewing a Skin Health & Beauty video, I noticed my chin and jaw line are more prominent than they have been since I was in my 20s. Apparently while I was using the AMP MD roller to remove scar tissue, I was firming that slight drape of chin skin and toning my jaw line. I had not been looking for that and didn’t realize it had happened until I saw the video.
The AMP MD roller is painless to use, lasts a year, and when used with the Anti-Age Night Renewing Serum, is clinically proven to firm skin, reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, increase natural skin moisture production, and reduce or eliminate other signs of age including scarring and “turkey neck,” doing what “all-natural” and over-the-counter products cannot do because they lack the proper formulations and technology.
New Technology: Macro Exfoliator
In related news, in 2013, Rodan + Fields released the new Redefine Macro Exfoliator which is said to be even more effective than the derma roller and to improve skin turnover for healthier, younger looking skin. When used together with the Redefine Regimen, skin changes twice as fast with double the difference in the disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Find out more at Rodan + Fields Examiner Skincare News.
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Rodan + Fields AMP-MD clinical trial results – 100% of participants improved

Rodan + Fields Anti-Age AMP MD System: Treatment for light scarring

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