Roaring Lambs – various artists

You’ve gotta love Steve Taylor. Irrevent, hysterical, witty, theological, brave. He’s seems to be more clear headed about many part of the Christian walk than some preachers I’ve heard. He also recognizes that the most important part of Christianity is not what happens inside the doors of the church but outside them, and to that end he provides, “Roaring Lambs.”

This project, based on the book of the same name by Bob Briner and organized by Taylor, really focuses its listener’s attention on the fact that we cannot affect culture unless we are out in it.

This whole project is a great collaboration between some great names in Christian music, with some fine duets as well. Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman have a good song in “Out There,” or “The Battle of the
Three Name Singers.”

Michael Tait and Ashley Cleveland sound great together for “Salt and Light,” bringing the idea that salt doesn’t season in the shaker and light doesn’t do anything unless it’s in darkness.

Sixpence closes the deal out with “The Ground You Shook,” which is really great, but
my favorites were the Ginny Owens/ Brent Bourgeois collaboration, “One Thing” (Btw, Brent, I’d like that second project now, please), and the precisely Steve Taylor stylings of Steve Taylor on “Shortstop.” (Uh, Steve, I’m waiting for that follow up to “Squint” as well. Call me, we’ll do lunch.)

All in all, this is a good CD. It does suffer from the problem that
all collaborations have in that it never really maintains a steady rhythm, but when you have 16 artists, what are you going to do?

I didn’t even mention Jars of Clay and the “reformation” of PFR. I liked this eclectic group of songs and I imagine most of you will too. But in enjoying the music, remember the message as well. BTW, It was a very well-done site and spiritually challenging as well.

Phil’s score **** out of *****


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