Mercy Streets A Great Halloween Alternative

Halloween will see two different approaches to film marketing
as Providence Entertainment, the movie distributor and marketer
responsible for bringing last year’s sleeper hit, The Omega Code, to
theaters and to national notoriety, has elected to open its newest film
on Halloween, October 31. Mercy Streets, produced by Signal Hill
Pictures, stars David White, Eric Roberts, Stacy Keach, Lawrence “L.T”
Taylor, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Cynthia Watros and Robert La Sardo. The film
is directed by Jon Gunn. The soundtrack CD is being released by the
LA-based N*Soul Records.

“Our first thought in moving the opening back to October 31, was that
we could offer youth leaders of America an excellent alternative to
other secular Halloween activities. Plus, It would be an opportunity for
them to do something a little different with their kids this year,” says
Victor Vanden Oever. CEO of Providence Entertainment. “We realize that
many youth leaders plan Halloween activities that portray positive
Christian values; but, we also realize it’s a challenge for most of them
to capture the attention – and attendance – of more than just a fraction
of their youth group. Going to a film on Halloween makes for a unique
experience for most of these youth leaders while also appealing to the
“sight and sound culture that is the younger demographic.”

Although a “Halloween Night at the Movies” for youth groups and
churches is a unique undertaking, this year, Providence will be battling
more than just the challenge of rallying its Christian target audience
to theaters. On October 27, Blair Witch Project 2, the sequel to
arguably the most talked about film of the past two years, will hit
theaters with torrential anticipation.

‘We definitely understand the challenges of getting an audience out to
see our film, but more importantly we understand what this fight is
about,” continues Vanden Oever. “It’s more than a coincidence that Blair
Witch 2 is being released on Halloween weekend. It is a decided effort
to leverage that film’s occult themes with a day that has become known
for its celebration of the netherworld. Our goal is to rally the
Christian community to pack theaters on this particular night to see
Mercy Streets, setting attendance figures that will simply overwhelm the
decision makers at the major Hollywood studios and the mainstream media
As with The Omega Code, Mercy Streets matches Providence’s mission
statement which generally is to bring positive Christian-worldview films
to mainstream theaters and then to home video. The Sherman Oaks, CA
company is committed to exemplifying the principles of being ‘light in
the darkness” as presented in the book, Roaring Lambs, authored by the
late Bob Briner. ‘We’re very committed to presenting quality films with
a distinct Judeo-Christian flavor to general audiences,” says Vanden Oever. “But it’s definitely a very difficult goal to achieve.
We’re a young company, so competing for theater screens with the major
studios is a large task. It’s only by motivating our core audiences to
get behind this movement that we can affect the types of changes in
American cinematic arts that we envision. With the machine and the money
the Hollywood establishment can muster, our job is very much “David vs.
Goliath.’ We need the church to take some Halloween action this year and
help us make a statement.”
Mercy Streets is an urban drama, pitting brother against brother, one
an ex-con, recently released from prison, running from his past; the
other, a sincere yet uninspired young minister struggling with his
faith. Brothers connected by blood, separated by hate, reunited by
crime, and forever bonded by love.
The Mercy Streets soundtrack is being released by N*Soul Records and
features recordings by Moby, Sixpence None The Richer, Jennifer Knapp,
Delirious, FROS’T, Cloud2Ground, Deitiphobia, Paradigm Shift, Antidote
and others. The soundtrack will be available in both Christian and
Mainstream stores October 3.
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