A simple pebble tossed into a pond, into a lake may enter noiselessly, silently, but its ever expanding ripples tell a larger tale. So our lives must be, and even so, the hope for this message—-that at entry it may appear silent, but that the force of its ripples, ever moving may wash up on some far distant shore.
A thought, a word, an action may be as a pebble—sometimes thrown with force, quite decidedly, with purpose, sometimes even making a big splash—-but the larger tale is the effect, the movement, the ripples moving ever outward, covering greater ground than the initial pebble.
The Word of the Lord has such effect, and will continue to do so. Even as God spoke the worlds into existence, spoke Light and it was, the Power of that Word has effect even until this day. When Jesus said, “I AM the Way.” That Word, once spoken, by it’s truth, and ultimate correctness resounds to this day. The ripples reverberate in our lives.
Ripples. Cause and effect. Sowing and Reaping, Action and Reaction. How casually we throw pebbles into the ponds of our lives and others. Like a child tossing one pebble after another, big ones, little ones, ones that go PLUNK!!!!! And others that barely leave a trace. Like children we wait to see what mark we make, what effect we have. Laughing, playing, selecting different pebbles for different causes.
Pause. What are your words doing? Your actions? Your lifestyle? What effect are you having around you in your sphere, in your pond? You may think that no one notices, no one is watching—that what you do or don’t do really doesn’t effect anybody. But it does. Like the pebble thrown-you make a splash!
I don’t know why the Lord has me write these things—Heaven knows I am far from perfect—and that’s an understandment. Those who know me well can tell you that. But He cares. And He is speaking, and someone has to be His voice in this earth, His hands extended, His feet moving to help someone in need. Looking outside of ourselves, our own needs and wants and caring for the needs around us. We can each do our part. Each one of has a pebble, is a pebble.
May the ripple of your word, good deed, thoughtfulness, kindness, joy, laughter, have a wide effect reaching far beyond your selves into the lives of others. Good deeds seem like they have gone out of style, until a disaster strikes. But Jesus “went around doing good” all the time. As a matter of course, it was just built into Him. Think about how you can bless someone’s life today. Be a pebble. Make a splash. Leave a ripple effect that will last long after you are gone.
Loralee Douglass writes these words in hope it might make a difference in someone’s life, prehaps even yours! You can find out more about her ministry and read more such devotionals atAWSM NEWS
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