Reunion Records Welcomes Jill Paquette

Reunion Records announces the addition of singer/songwriter Jill Paquette to their roster of artists. Paquette’s self-titled debut, slated for release on July 22, is like a tour of an art gallery full of diverse images, guiding you through a unique collection of songs that capture the imagination.
Born in British Columbia, Canada, with French-Canadian, European and Native American roots, Jill began training in classical piano at the age of three, learning to play by ear. The transition from classical piano to acoustic guitar at the age of 16 breathed new life into her love of music. While she composes on both the guitar and the piano, Jill notes, “the acoustic guitar is easily the coolest instrument in the world. When I started playing that, it just felt like home.”
“Jill Paquette personifies great artistry,” comments Dean Diehl, Reunion Records general manager and sr. vice president. “Her musical expertise, the depth of her songwriting, her captivating voice and her personal humility are all part of what makes her such a wonderful new addition to the Reunion roster.”
Russ Breimeier of notes, “This project is a very warm and inviting debut that draws the listener in with ease. An accomplished songwriter, Jill Paquette displays an impressive range that combines the folk-pop intimacy of Jewel, the rock edge of Sheryl Crow, the thoughtful inspiration of Sara Groves, the fragile honesty of Ginny Owens, and the ethereal heights of Sarah McLachlan. Combined with her skills as a guitarist/pianist and her clear and earnest voice, she’s sure to be regarded as one of this year’s breakthrough artists in Christian music.”
Produced by Steve Rendall (Jake, Matt Brouwer) in Canada and Phil Madeira (Rich Mullins, Phil Keaggy) in Nashville, this buzz-worthy disc addresses subjects that are personal to the songwriter but at the same time the themes are so universal the songs could be telling your story or mine. Paquette speaks softly but sings with a passion that is both powerful and delicate, vulnerable and strong.
Jill began her music career in Alberta with an impromptu performance at a local coffeehouse while attending bible-college. As a result of that performance, Paquette hooked up with a classmate’s band and began touring around Alberta before cutting a demo that made its way to Nashville.
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