Relationship Under Construction

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will our walk and relationship with Christ be. It is a process of one step at a time and one day at a time. It will be established with bricks of progress, delays, mistakes and seasoned with success.
A general theme of the Word of God, is His constant Love for His imperfect people. It is inevitable that we will mess up, but it is what we do with the knowledge and pain of the mistakes, that will thrust us forward and make us stronger. Great men of God; Moses, Jacob, David, Samson and so many more, made mistakes. But they all learned from their falls, each one in different ways…. Samson paying with his life, Moses..the privilege of the Promised land, David paid by with the constant presence of the sword in his family and Jacob with a lie that became a boomerang. He tossed out a lie to his father and then received one back from his father-in-law. All of that became part of the fabric and foundation which created the person who was pivotal in our heritage, the predestined father of the 12 tribes, the Nation of Israel! These saints were all chosen by God, mistakes and all, then equipped and used for His mighty purposes.
Through Moses God brought the deliverance of His children. Through Jacob the Nation of Israel, the tribe of Judah…..which produced David and through him, the line of Christ and the rebuilding of the Temple. Samson was used by God for one of the most famous lessons of the invincible strength of God, given through obedience to Him!
From the moment of our salvation His side of the relationship is perfect, it just takes us a lifetime to work on our part! The great thing about that is, He never gets tired of us, will never quit on us, never forsake us and He always keeps His promises! You can’t find a better partner to do life with! Anyone else who joins your life journey will be blessed by your, “under-construction” relationship with Christ. Whenever He is a part of someone’s life, everyone around will be blessed!
We are mere vessels, all blemished in some way, but we all can be choice instruments for God, if we allow Him to work through us! He waits patiently to see us through the stumbles and falls, the deep valleys and rough seasons of life. We just need to put all that we have into our relationship with Him, hold tighter to Him than we do anything or anyone else. We are a project that He gave His life for, He invested EVERYTHING that He had for “US”! Take the pressure off….you’ll never be perfect….but the great thing, God is! And, if you have Christ as your Savior, that is an eternal partnership! All you need to do is follow “His will,” by always seeking Christ first, keeping your eyes on Him, taking life one step, one problem and one mountain at a time……your Partner has got you covered for the rest!
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given unto you as well.
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