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3/18/04 A former Boy Scout leader in Los Angeles has been arrested for molesting a series of boys between April and November, 2003. Victor Debose, 37, faces 13 counts of molestation and three counts of willful harm to children under his supervision as a Scout leader. This illustrates the need to protect the Boy Scouts of America from homosexual predators.
Support the Boy Scouts of America
4/9/02 While the Catholic church is in turmoil for their failure to prevent sexual predators from molesting children, I thought it would be a good time to applaud the efforts of the Boy Scouts to prevent similar problems within their ranks. While most people are quick to condemn the problems of pedophilia prevalent in the Catholic church, many are equally quick (if not quicker) to condemn the Boy Scouts for seeking to avoid this same situation. Today there is an outcry against the Catholic church from both the laity and the media for NOT preventing sexual predators within church ranks from molesting young boys, while simultaneously there is a public outcry against the Boy Scouts for trying to prevent the same problems! We can’t have it both ways; either we protect our young people or we invite the wolves in to feed.
S. 1/H.R.1, the education bill signed by President Bush last year contains an important provision offered by Senator Jesse Helms that
protects the Boy Scouts from being denied access to public school facilities, if these facilities receive federal tax dollars. Homosexual activist groups have attempted to bar the Boy Scouts from public meeting places because the Scouts wants to protect boys from sexual
predators such as have recently been found in the Catholic Church.
If you find out that your local school district is banning the Boy Scouts –and it receives federal dollars–it is in violation of this legislation. Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative and inform them of this violation. Ask that immediate action be taken to force the school to abide by the law or forfeit federal money!
I ran this brief article last year and thought it would be timely to revisit the problems facing the Boy Scouts today as they strive to avoid the problems currently tearing the Catholic church apart.
Boy Scouts Losing Money
10/29/01 The Boy Scouts are losing money from corporate sponsors over their bold stand to keep homosexuality out of the Scouts. After years of training boys to be resourceful, independent, patriotic and ethical, the respected organization has been sued, attacked, and maligned for trying to keep homosexuals out of the Boy Scouts. Now a few corporations are giving in to pressure and pulling their corporate dollars, claiming they can’t support “discrimination.”
If you want to support the Scouts’ right to protect their members from sexual predators, buy their petunias, pumpkins, Christmas trees, and wrapping paper with a smile. Donate money. Encourage your favorite businesses and stores to support them. Encourage your son to be a Boy Scout. Volunteer at Scouting events. Be Prepared – to give.
From our archives 4/9/02
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