Rebecca #1 in Australia

For the second consecutive week, the number one song and album on TRAA’s Top 30 is “I Thank You” from “Wait for Me: The Best From Rebecca St James”.
“I Thank You” is the most played song on Christian radio in Australia, and Rebecca St James is the most played artist.
Rebecca says that from the time she first heard “I Thank You”, it seemed the right choice to include on her ‘Best From’ album.
“God has allowed me to be a part of almost ten years of the ministry so it seemed very appropriate to say ‘thank you’ to God for loving me and giving me strength to sing,” Rebecca says.
“In a more subtle way, the song also thanks my audience for believing in me and supporting me in prayer, coming to the concerts, and making me feel so generally appreciated.
“We’re seeing a great response to it here in the States, and now I am SO glad to hear people in my home country are loving “I Thank You” too!” she adds enthusiastically.


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