Read The Bible Through In 2002

In a concerted effort to combat the deep moral decay, violence, and evil influences in our nation the
International Bible Reading Association [IBRA] and Bible Pathway International Ministries have initiated
“Read The Bible Through In 2002,” as the keynote phrase of the 2002 National Bible Reading
Restoration Movement. The movement is initiated by a concern over the recent Gallup Report which stated
that “the churches of America face no greater challenge in this century than overcoming biblical illiteracy. The
stark fact is, many Christians and others do not know what they believe or why. Our faith is not rooted in
Scripture, but in the allurements of modern life. We revere the Bible, but we don’t read it. In America the belief
that the Bible actually is the Word of God has declined and is now at the lowest point ever recorded.”
In response, Dr. John A. Hash, president of the IBRA, said: ‘If America is to survive, history is unmistakably
clear that disregarding God’s Word was the reason why the once great nation of Israel fell. The prophet had
warned the people: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . since you have forgotten the Law
of your God, I will also forget your children, [Hosea 4:6]. America was founded upon biblical truths, and
inscribed on its currency is ‘In God We Trust.’ It became the greatest nation in the world.”
The IBRA has initiated a coalition of concerned government, civic, social and religious leaders petitioning
President George W. Bush to declare 2002 as the Year of Bible Reading, and then enlisting denominations,
churches, TV, radio and other ministries to daily encourage their constituents to Read The Bible Through in
2002. Dr. Hash reminds us that “With God all things are possible, so pray about ALL THINGS.”
Petitions can be downloaded at biblepathway, or call



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