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Re-creation began in 1976 when Hugh Brooks, the founder of the group, was an instructor at the Pennsylvania State University. While visiting practicum students, he realized that very few institutions have opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic value of live professional entertainment. Concerned, he organized Re-Creation to offer this service to state centers, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities.
Entertainers were enlisted, and Re-Creation immediately began institutional performances in Pennsylvania. Within a very short time Re-Creation was asked to tour for the USO, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers were added to the schedule.

Re-Creation assumed full responsibility for the national VA program in 1983. Re-Creation now presents more than 320 shows a year. Half of those shows are staged at fairs, banquets, conventions, schools, churches… which in turn fund the other half…more than 150 shows annually in VA Medical Centers and State Veterans Homes in all 50 states!
The young people in Re-Creation are not paid for their service. They give up at least a year of their lives to travel the country entertaining the men and women in our VA Medical Centers. Arriving at the VA facilities four hours before show time…
They set up…change into costumes…and visit hospital rooms and wards. Then they assist patients to the show area, perform for them, return them to their rooms, pack up and load equipment, and drive on, averaging 300 miles a day.
The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge cited the young people of Re-Creation as “America’s Ambassadors to Hospitalized Veterans” for providing the only program of its kind in America.
Therapeutic entertainment by Re-Creation is more than a show; it is a unique, personal touch which transports concerned, dedicated, and talented young people into hospital wards and rooms, eaches out to patriots who think they have been forgotten by their country, and offers a therapy that medical personnel attest is an invaluable contribution to the healing process.
Re-Creation USA, Inc., is a non-profit corporation now under the direction of Jay Muller.
Re-Creation’s 30th edition invites you to tune into “TV Gold!”… a gala celebration of America’s best music. More than just your favorite TV theme songs, Re-Creation’s TV Gold! features our nation’s most beloved songs in the style of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Patti Page, Nat King Cole…each had his or her own TV show! Historical TV moments reminiscent of Elvis and the Beatles! Kid’s Cartoon Classics, Sit-Com Sillies, Sports Channel, The Music Video Era, and Opry Broadcast round out the local listings! As always, Re-Creation presents a rousing finale of genuine American pride.
Re-Creation is:
• Young, talented, performers who captivate audiences of all ages!
• A magical program that transforms the stage into a wondrous showplace of unforgettable entertainment!
• Colorful, flashing costumes…state-of-the-art sound reinforcement…professional, stylized choreography.
Re-Creation presents programs at fairs, banquets, conventions, schools, churches, and many other events. The group has performed for the President of the United States, as well as other leaders and dignitaries.
Re-Creation is accepting applications for the 2005 Tour which starts in June of next year. The commitment is for one year and includes 300+ concerts per year, free housing, travel, training, transportation and weekly stipend. Go to : or call 570-374-1909 for more information. e


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