I Will Go

This is written on the premise that there was, on this earth, a pre-Adamic race which fell away from God and was destroyed by
a flood, Lucifer’s Flood as some have called it. That very event would only increase our understanding of God’s love for His
creation and his desire for faithful followers.
These “conversations” are but brief interludes in the vastness of time.
At the very beginning . . .
“Yes, my son”.
“You have created a majestic universe. The stars and the planets show your handiwork. If I should ever leave you, I could see you
in all your creation”.
“But the universe seems so empty still. It needs other life.”
“What will you do, Father?”
“I will create life – in my image – that will bring honor and praise to us. I will place humankind there on the planet earth and send
our trusted angel Lucifer to have dominion over the earth.”
And much time passes . . .
“Father, you look so weary today.”
“I am, my son. I am tired from doing battle with Lucifer and I hurt because of his desire to defeat me. I am sad that all the living
creatures followed after Lucifer and had to be destroyed. Thank you, son, for being loyal to me.”
“Earth is so formless now – so empty again, Father – so lifeless.”
And time continues, until . . .
“You called, Father?”
“Yes, my son. I have made a decision. I want to try again. My heart longs for a people who will be truly mine.”
“What will you do Father?”
“I will bring the earth back to life again and make a beautiful garden in which man can live. I will provide all that man will need to
be happy. Surely this time man will honor us and be faithful and share our love.”
“But Father . . “
“Yes, son?”
“What about Lucifer? He is so evil now and will do every thing he can to discredit you and turn man away again and – “
“I know, my son, but if I give man everything he needs and all my love, he will surely be faithful this time.”
And time and people pass by . . .
Father, the rainbow is beautiful.”
“Yes, it is beautiful, but there is also much sadness. I do not know how my creation could turn away from me. I had given them so
much and loved them so much. What else is there for me to give?”
“Father, will Noah be faithful and loyal?”
“He knows that I selected him and saved him from the flood. He will tell the story of my love to all his descendants. He will warn
them of destruction if they are not loyal.”
“But what about Lucifer, the evil one? What if he changes the people again?”
“I will be angry, my son, and I will destroy everything with fire. I will consume everything. I will burn away all sins. What reason
would I have to give mankind any other choice or opportunity? My patience is thin and I – “
“Father, I know how much you love them. You will find a way.”
And time passes . . .
“”My son. My only son.”
“Yes father, I am here. Why are you so sad? Are you thinking now of the final destruction?”
“No, my son.”
“What then, father?”
“Do you remember the words my prophet Isaiah spoke to the people?”
“About the lamb, father?”

“Yes, the lamb, the sacrificial lamb, the sacrifice that will let all faithful followers be forgiven and find a way to come to me.”
“What will you do, father? How will you . . . Who . . .Oh no, father, I could not. It would be too hard to leave you. I . . . “
“My son, there is no other way. You are my only son and I love you, but I also love my people. You must go to them. You will be
my word. You will become like them and understand them and teach them what they must do. They can come to me through you.”
“Father, I desire to do your will. I will go and become flesh, like them.”
And to that great moment in time . . .
“Oh, Jehovah God, Oh Holy One, your son cries for you. Shall we go now to aid him? They desire to kill him.”
“My son, my son, my only son. I love you. I love you. You must be strong yet a little while.”
“Oh, Holy One, how they ridicule him and beat him. Please, Master, let us go now. We will destroy those wicked people.”

“No, my angels. It is not time. My Spirit will give him strength.”
“But, Holy Father, he is your own son. How can you let Satan take such pleasure? Look, they are now nailing him to a cross. We
cannot bear to look.”
“His pain is great and my heart breaks with his pain. It will not be long now.”
“Oh, Master, it is finished. He has said so. He is giving his spirit back to you.”
“No more pain then for my son. He will be home soon. Look. Look in the hearts and eyes of the people. Do they understand? Do
they know what I have given? Do they know what my son has given? Do they know how much I love them?”
And how much more time will pass?


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