Put Others First




Matthew 20:16 – “The last will be first, and the first will be last.”
I wanted to teach my kids this upside-down scripture, and I figured if it was ever going to fly, I’d need to start early. So, from the time my children were itty-bitty, I have asked enthusiastically, “Okay, who wants to be last this time?” They each want to be last because they know what that means in our house: Being last is best! The last piece of pie is the biggest, the last dip of ice cream overflows the cone, and the last in line gets an extra turn.
Happy Thanksgiving!
This is the big month – “The Facts of Life” Reunion movie airs Sunday evening, November 18th on “The Wonderful World of Disney.” Mark your calendars because I think you are going to love the movie!
In conjunction with the airing of the movie, I am holding a contest. Tell one new person about my website and my new book, “The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me,” and then enter your name at my website. I will randomly draw the winner’s name on November 28th. Enter as many times as you like, as long as you tell someone who doesn’t already know about my website or new book. You’re on the honor system.
Now let me tell you about what you could win. At the end of the filming of the movie in Toronto we exchanged gifts. If you followed the behind-the-scenes coverage at my website then you already know that I made individual scrapbooks for the cast and the producer and director. (I scanned the scrapbook and it is posted in the Archived entries on Sept.)
Well, the gift that the production company gave to the cast was a raincoat with “You take the good, you take the bad – Facts of Life Reunion 2001” embroidered on the front. That’s what I want to give to you! Check out more contest details and see a picture of me wearing the raincoat at: Lisa Whelchel Online
Have fun and good luck!


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