Blair Band in Nashville for St. Patrick’s Day



The Blair Band will be performing in Nashville for St. Patrick’s Day when the Celtic Christian band brings their uilleann pipes, whistle, Irish fiddle, guitar vocals, Bodhran, etc. to Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley tonight.
The Ric Blair Band is a Christian, celtic, folk rock group described as “the acoustic Beatles meets Braveheart meets Jesus.” Ric’s interest in celtic music originates from his Irish/Scottish ancestory. His mother comes from an Irish family which settled in Kentucky in the early 1900s and his father’s family has been traced back to Blair’s Castle in the highlands of Scotland. (See
While in college at University of Cincinnati, a friend invited Blair to hear a traditional Irish Band playing downtown. Ric says, “I saw these really amazing earthy instruments I had never seen before. Uilleann pipes made of reeds, the bodhran (Irish drum) made of goat skin; Bazooki, Irish whistle, and fiddle played with unusual embellishments. The music was so amazingly happy and people were dancing on the tables. Something happened in my blood. It was as if the music was calling me.”
Ric Blair has been extensively involved in Christian and secular music since signing his first record deal with The Willoughby Wilson Band on Frontline Records in 1985. Ric was roomates with the late Rich Mullins and played guitar on Rich¹s first CD which they recorded in Amy Grant¹s basement.
Ric Blair and the full 6-piece Blair Band will be performing everything from traditional Irish tunes to their own originals at 3rd & Lindsley for St. Patrick’s Day. They will be joined by Irish dancers, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and other Caltic amenities. Advance tickets can be purchased The doors open at 5pm witha pre-show piper at 6:40 and show at 7pm. Parking at 3rd & Lindsley is free; tickets are $10.
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