Providence Entertainment Announces Release Date for “Extremedays.”

Providence Entertainment has announced the theatrical release date for the cutting edge, extreme sports feature, “Extremedays.”
Currently in post-production, the film will be released across the country on September 28, 2001. Extremedays is presented by Providence Entertainment and TruthSoulArmor, and produced by Norann Entertainment and TRICOR Entertainment, and is directed by Eric Hannah.
Originally set for an April release, the opening date was moved to late September to afford the film stronger marketing initiatives and alliances. The later date allows Providence enhanced leverage with promotional vehicles including the major summer music festivals, retail tie-ins, extreme sports events and youth camps. The campaign being finalized now involves aggressive promotions in all of these areas. Tulsa’s Impact Entertainment has undertaken a massive campaign to sell advance tickets to church youth groups across the country.
“By holding the film till September, we can optimize the marketing opportunities much more effectively with our core target audience: teens, college kids, ‘tweens’ and extreme sports lovers,” says Victor Vanden Oever, CEO of Providence Entertainment. Responses from the most recent test screenings of the film as “a work in production” have also been “overwhelming,” cites Vanden Oever. “We’revery excited about what is getting ready to happen.
“‘Extremedays’ isn’t your grandma’s film,” he continues, “but it’s one that you wouldn’t be embarrassed of if she caught you watching.” “Extremedays” is a high-energy road trip adventure with four guys, all best friends, and a female cousin, Jessie. A new breed of athlete with distinct personalities who share a craving for the extreme, our cast of characters continually creates an environment of hilarious circumstances, but also discovers a lot more about themselves than they ever knew. Pressure, love, trust, God, friendships, pain, spiritual truths, and the discovery of one’s personal boundaries are at the heart of this film.
The movie is matched with a powerful 17-song soundtrack featuring some of the hottest Christian artists in America including POD, tobyMac, Tait, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, SONICFLOOd, Bleach, Pax217, Earthsuit and others. The title track, written and recorded by tobyMac, has been the #1 song on the Christian Rock radio charts for the last four weeks (CCM Update) and will also be featured on his debut solo project, releasing on ForeFront Records this coming Fall 2001. The “Extremedays” soundtrack is currently available in stores from ForeFront Records (Chordant Music Distribution).


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