Preaching Society & social Welfare Services

Editor’s note: We received this information via email and can offer no further info or reference for this ministry other than they are seeking financial aid via direct deposit to a bank account. We chose not to provide that info since we are not familiar with this organization other that what is provided below.
My Name is Pervaiz Khokhar, I am saved person and
Baptized the water by the grace of the lord Jesus
Christ. I am Unmarried, 27th year age, We want to tell
you about our faith that we believe in Repent,
Baptized in water and filled with Holly Spirit. Kindly
do the prayer for our project & Ministry constantly.
We want to drow your kind attention to our poorest
Christian Community at Mohallah Rasool Pura Jhumra
City, Faisalabad, Pakistan, where people are living in very narrow houses without health
facility. Earning sources are limited. Due to this
people are unable to get medicine. Most of
seasonal disease spread in the Villages & Towns and
many souls has passed. Then women do the hard labor
with their husbands to earn a living. Due to this
most of women died in delivery due to the lack
of medicine in urban and rural area in our district. We want to start the mobile dispensary for the poor
Christian Community in urban and rural area in our
Here we are running a preaching society and
social walfare services on faith and
self-support. Under the society we are running a
primary school for poor,Orphan and homeless
Children. Then we are running the sunday school for
spiritual education among the little children. So
when they gorw up
become the good witness for the lord our savior. We
have inspired come young evangelists to go for preaching
the Gospel in defferent Villages and Towns near our
area to save the souls from the death. They have no conveyance to go by.
I am living in Pakistan
Christian community; Christian community position is
very pitiable in villages and towns area. Our
community children are mostly illiterate because
Christian people are too poor to educate their
children. They hardly earn food for children. In these
circumstances. I start a primary school for the poor
and homeless children by self-support. But we have no building for children to sit, the children
sit under the open sky. It is my humble request before
you to help me in the good job, which we are doing for
sake of, lord Jesus.
We want to draw your kind attention about the
education among the little children in Pakistan and
specially in our poor area at Mohallah Rasool Pura
Jhumra city 37700 Faisalabad. In Pakistan the literacy
ratio is about 25% in whole country and in our
Community of Christian is very low about 2%. Because no community can advance without education. In our
community people are very poor, do their wages with the
landlords who give them very less wages and they do
not spend their lives in good manners. Most of people
are under debit. They took their children and wives
with them for labors,and thus the children are remain
illiterate. Some people are work on the “Bhattah” to
make the bricks. The bricks making wages is not enough
that they could have good livings. Such kind of people
is forced to have their wives and children to help
their parents make the bricks. When the weather is not
clear and in the rainy season their work stopped and
they are out of the job and income sources are stopped
and some days they became without food. They eat what
they earn. They could not save any thing and spend for
their children betterment. We are living in such kind
of poor people and we have desired to bring them out
such kind of circumstances. In such community, we have
collect about hundred children for their education
and start a school for poor children, but at presentwe
have no place for the children to sit under shade. The
children sit under the sun. With the
education, we also preach them the gospel, word of God. So
those children grow in young they became good preacher
of the gospel,and they became witness of God. When
they get the education then they,became Moses for
their family to bring them out from the poverty like
in Egypt in old age. Then they have good position in
their country. We work this for the glory of lord
Jesus, who is our savior, you kindly share in God’s
work which we are doing in the poor children and help
us and encourage us to spread, the gospel in such
Pervaiz Khokhar
The Preaching Society & social Welfare Services
Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7
Jhumra City 37700
Phone 92-41-634272
Fax 92-41-753105


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