Chica – Alma Latina and Then Some!

Take five young Latin women with phenomenal voices, dynamic personalities, natural beauty,
strong spiritual foundations and combine them with the best songwriters and producers in pop
music today. And what do you get? Chica!
Formerly known as the group Alma Latina, Monique, Andrea, Melodie Joy, Jessica and Emille, all ranging in age from 16-22, make up this
vibrant Latin/pop group poised to impact the United States and International music world in 2002.
Chica represents something rare, talent coupled with an incredibly strong character and a mission
much greater than a desire to ?perform.?
Currently working on their debut album, slated to release Sept. 2002, the group is recording with
high-profile producers in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Miami. The project showcases
their unmatched vocal ability, and an incredibly unique blend naturally developed into an up
tempo, strong pop sound. Drawing from their Latin heritage, Chica?s R&B flavored pop also
includes elements of the Latin music sound that has recently exploded world-wide.
Chica, made up of Andrea Silva (17, Venezuela), Emille Gandara (22, San Juan Puerto Rico),
Puerto Rican-born Melodie Joy Gutierrez (20, Orlando, Florida), Cuban-descent Jessica Matos
(18, Miami, FL) and Mexican-descent Monique Ximenez (18, Sacramento, California), are
redefining the face of women in music and are set to make a major impact on the industry like it
has rarely seen.


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