Point of Grace Set to Release New Project

Award winning and platinum-selling Word recording artist Point of Grace is set to release their first full studio project in three years on October 12th, with I Choose You.
Showcasing a reenergized sound as well as new member Leigh Cappillino (former Truth vocalist and worship leader for Women of Faith conferences replaced original member Terry Jones this spring), the girls are more excited about this project than just about any previous CD they’ve made over the past 11 years.
The decision to add Leigh to their ranks brought with it an added bonus, a freshness the girls hadn’t known they were lacking. “She’s been a breath of fresh air to all of us,” Heather Payne says.
In addition to a retooled musical approach, the lyrics underwent a minor overhaul as well, born out of where the women are at in their lives. “We’ve had experiences that I didn’t at 22 or 23,” Denise Jones says. “I had a friend pass away and leave a widow with three kids. Those things make you say, ‘okay, let’s stop and take a look at what life’s really about.’ The more I know Christ, the more I realize I don’t have it all together. I think that’s just where we’re at, saying, ‘we don’t have it all together, but let’s all look at life together.’”
“We want to be vulnerable and honest about our feelings,” Payne adds. “There are times when I have doubts. I ask why. I suffered a miscarriage right before Terry said she was leaving the group. We struggle just like everyone else does and I think it’s important that we share that because God uses the struggles we go through in our lives to minister to other people.”
Desiring a singer-songwriter feel, A&R Director John Mays discovered a recorded reading from the book Pilgrim’s Progress. The group paired it with a song titled “This is Your Land” and provided vocal orchestration beneath the reading for a Point of Grace song like no other.
“These young women were absolutely determined to make the best album they have ever made,” commented Word Label Group President Barry Landis. “I’ve never seen an artist with this much experience roll their sleeves up and work this hard in my life. They really have connected with their audience.”
Producers Wayne Kirkpatrick, Brent Bourgeois, Mark Hammond and David Zaffirro share credit for the project, which also features the more aggressive, vocally powerful track “I Choose You,” the disc’s first single. But even this tune about putting God first offers a surprise.
“I always sing the sweet little thing here or there,” Jones explains, “but for once I want to belt out a song and really sing it and I got to do that on ‘I Choose You.’”
“We’re honoring what we’ve done before, but we want to try new things,” Shelley Breen explains. “We don’t want to rock the boat or mess with a good thing, but you get to a point you sort of come into your own.”
In support of I Choose You, Point of Grace will tour the country on their own tour dates as well as several Girls of Grace conferences.
Since their first recording in 1993, Point of Grace has sold nearly five million records, including two platinum and five gold albums, as well as 24 consecutive No. 1 singles. They have been nominated for two GRAMMYS and won 8 Dove Awards and made appearances on “The View,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee,” VH-1 and CNN and graced the pages of Time magazine, the New York Times, Ladies Home Journal and dozens of Christian publications including Fall 2003 Today’s Christian Woman and Brio Magazine.
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