Plus One’s Jason Perry Writes Book

At only 19-years-old, Jason Perry has lived a broad range of defining experiences; from life as starting defensive lineman on a small-town American high school football team to his current role singing as part of Atlantic Records’ internationally popular gold-selling Christian pop group Plus One. Perry has now joined with youth leader Steve Keels to pen his literary debut, You Are Not Your Own, a spiritual encouragement and challenge to his fellow teens, which hits stores from Broadman & Holman Publishers in March 2002.
You Are Not Your Own challenges students to dive into God’s word in order to edify themselves and be ready for opportunities to reach out to friends. It also encourages them on a peer-to-peer level to leave their guilty pasts behind, and develop a new identity in Christ. Jason Perry relates on a practical level his own experiences with issues that teens face daily, following up on a Biblical basis to reinforce God’s truth.
“You Are Not Your Own stemmed from sharing my testimony in shows with Plus One. I got a lot of response through emails and letters from kids, and it struck me that people’s lives are really being affected–not because of me, but because of what God’s done in me. It clicked in my mind, I’ve got to write a book,” notes Perry. “It’s funny, because at that time I didn’t even like to read, much less write a book. But I thought it was important to tell my story because I felt God had changed my life in a huge way. I learned so much, too, writing the book that I didn’t realize I would, looking back onto these critical and defining moments in my life and how God has shaped me through them.”
As part of Plus One and the teen-pop phenomenon, many would expect Perry to write a backstage tell-all of the pop music experience. However, with You Are Not Your Own, Perry instead has penned a direct, candid and intense book for teens describing his own personal mistakes and regrets, as well as professional and spiritual triumphs.
Readers may be surprised to find Jason Perry openly write about partying, drinking and pre-marital sex, as well as the spiritual fa├žade that he easily wore as a pastor’s son who often sang solos in his father’s church. As a junior in high school, Perry found himself slipping into a lifestyle he’d previously disregarded, but began to envy.
“I found that the party scene wasn’t really that much fun, but I somehow became stuck, not knowing how to back myself out of the mess I was in . . .Wanting the best of both worlds, I was afraid that if I sold out completely to God that all the fun in this world would pass me by,” says Perry in You Are Not Your Own.
Jason Perry encourages teens to find a spiritual mentor to challenge them, as the apostle Paul was to younger men, and as he has done in a leader at the church Perry now attends in Nashville, TN. Through talking with spiritual mentors, Perry found that his past was easily stripped away.
“I didn’t see it coming, but now, looking back, I see how desperately I needed to be changed by the power of God. I was good at playing games with God. I could talk the talk as well as anybody,” writes Perry. “On the outside I appeared to be the perfect Christian young man. On the inside, though, I was tired of leaving God on the fringes of my life.”
Teen issues of friendship, identity, sexuality, evangelism and discipleship are addressed in You Are Not Your Own, releasing in March 2002 from first-time author Jason Perry through Broadman & Holman Publishers. The book is part of the publishers’ TruthQuest line of Bible and reference products for teenagers, designed to help students fall in love with the word of God and encourage a personal journey to the discovery of Biblical truth. Perry’s debut follows a previous partnership with the TruthQuest series, as the flagship TruthQuest Inductive Student Bible was endorsed by Plus One during the group’s 2001 U.S. tour.
Jason Perry joins Nate Cole, Jeremy Mhire, Gabe Combs and Nathan Walters to form Plus One, named New Artist of the Year at the 2001 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. The group’s 2000 debut project, The Promise, garnered 4 number-one singles including “Written On My Heart” and “God Is In This Place,” as well as a gold record from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), certifying sales in excess of 500,000 units. In the whirlwind two years since the group released their debut, Plus One has appeared on television’s “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Touched By An Angel,” soap opera “Days of Our Lives” and “Popstars,” as well as on the covers of numerous magazines, including Christian Activities Magazine.
You Are Not Your Own by Jason Perry will hit stores shortly following the release of the latest Plus One project, entitled Obvious, which hits stores on February 26, 2002, from Atlantic Records. Plus One’s Obvious tour, also featuring ZOEgirl, Natalie Grant and Phat Chance, begins in Atlanta, GA, on February 28, and will play to approximately 60 markets.


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