Peaceful Islam?

The tolerant, peace loving Muslims are at it again. I am sure we have all heard of the the attack on an American Consulate in Indonesia, as well as the torching of churches and businesses owned by Christians all because of some cartoons of Mohammed.
Have you also heard of the month-long torture of a Jewish man in France by an Islamic group? His family received phone calls over the course of the 3 and 1/2 weeks and read verses of the Koran while their son screamed in agony in the background.
Disclaimer: In an effort to stop the name-calling ahead of time, please allow me to state that I know all Muslims are not out attacking churches. Nowhere in this article will I make the claim that all Christians are peaceful or that all Muslims are violent.
However… just look how many Muslims ARE violent! In numerous countries overseas, Christians and Jews are having to defend themselves against Muslim attackers, but this is something that has quietly been going on for hundreds of years. Certainly it has worsened over the past decade or so, but the torching of churches, the blasting of ancient Buddhist statues, the persecution of “infidels” goes back as far as, well, Mohammed.
As Christians, we don’t like to see Jesus mocked. For instance, we recently protested the television show depicting Jesus talking to an Episcopalian priest in “The Book of Daniel” and we won – peacefully. However, Christianity has its share of bloody incidents, (although the Spanish inquisition was not without its share of Muslim intrigue — read old pre-PC history books if you want to find out more) and I am not trying to whitewash our own troubled history as a religion. But for the serious student of the history of the Muslim world, it is a history of conquest and “death to the infidels” century after century, in country after country.
The most peaceful Muslim nations have always been those where Islam was watered down either with Western culture or other influences. In these areas, the violent segments of the Islamic faith were held in check by other Muslims who actively spoke out against such violence and followed up their words with punishment. The problem today is the noticeable silence of the Muslim world against these despicable acts of violence and their tendency to try to explain and defend the motives of the most violent among them. As long as this continues, it will be hard to convince the rest of the world that Islam is a peaceful religion.
“The plaguing question that we must discuss is ‘why?’ Why do Muslims react with violence when Mohammed is satirized? Many people are studiously ignoring this question. To understand the waves of protests and violence occurring across the world one must understand Islamic theology and history, and then view the current ‘cartoon crisis’ through that grid. Only then will this seeming overreaction make any sense. Then perhaps we will be able to have an intelligent discussion about the cartoons, the value and definition of freedom, and the real goal of Muslim leaders around the world– namely, the imposition of Islamic law on every nation.” — Randall Terry, The Society for Truth and Justice
I don’t think we will come any closer to any kind of solution to the violence as long as we keep fettering ourselves with this PC notion that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion. Saying a tiger is a playful kitty does not make it one. It is certainly true that there are many peaceful and tolerant Muslims in this world. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be in the majority.
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