Patty Cabrera to Serve as Spokesperson for Metro Ministries

Metro Ministries announces new agreement with Christian singer/songwriter Patty Cabrera, through its
inner-city ministry that opens its doors to more than 20,000 inner-city children through weekly outreach programs and annual
Founded by Bill Wilson over 20 years ago, Metro Ministries, based in Brooklyn, NY reaches out to thousands of urban youth
ensnared in a daily battleground of drugs, violence and abuse. In addition to the intense work being done in Brooklyn and in major cities across America and around the world, numerous
needs are being fulfilled for the hurting victims of the tragedies resulting from Sept. 11. Metro Ministries is one of the most
effective and impactful ministries in America that possesses the story and vision that communicates hope and healing.
As a bilingual artist of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, Christian music singer/songwriter Patty Cabrera will serve as the
spokesperson for Metro Ministries in New York City and will carry the mission of the ministry to major markets around the world.
Her work with Metro Ministries is based around annual music camps and seminars which she has created for the inner city kids
in Brooklyn and other world-wide cities that follow the model of Metro Ministries International.
Bill Wilson and Chris Blake are the voices of Metro Ministries and the leaders of the mission. Wilson is the founder and director
of Metro Inner City Children’s Campaign, which buses over 20,000 kids into the ministry each weekend. His progressive
mission is to find and rescue the children left behind in the battleground of drugs, violence, abuse and filth. His model for
changing lives of urban youth is now in operation in hundreds of cities around the world.
Blake serves as director of Metro Ministries International. He began reaching the poor in the inner city of Brooklyn in 1982
and with the aid of Metro Ministries founder Bill Wilson, the two began a fast paced children’s program to work in the chaos of
the ghetto.
“Our common goal and purpose at Metro Ministries is to bring the children of the inner cities of the world into the Kingdom, to
love, train and nurture them in a way of life as they learn to walk with the Lord,” Blake said.
Through the years, Metro Ministries has seen families and neighborhoods miraculously changed as it reaches children through
the power of Sunday School and personal visitation. The ministry establishes and implements curriculum training materials that
Blake has written and utilizes them in over 1,000 cities around the world, including hundreds of international cities from
Panama to the Philippines, and from Bangkok to Berlin.
In addition to her work with Metro Ministries, Cabrera has just completed her highly-anticipated project, Love Someone Like
Me, the first project to be released within the new partnership of Peermusic and Patrona Productions. Love Someone Like
Me is slated to hit stores nationwide August 20, 2002.


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