New Album for David Meece

It has been more than six years since Christian music has seen a release from David Meece. David, an industry legend
stepped away from a successful career that rendered him twelve albums selling millions of copies to obey what he
believed God was calling him to do. ?At a time when I felt at my professional height,? Says Meece, ?God called me to be
alone with him. It was my choice to walk away from an extremely professional career to be alone with God, but when
people hear the songs they?ll understand.? The result of David?s sabbatical is wrapped up in the ten tracks that comprise
his latest work of artistic genius ? There I Go Again.
Meece fired himself up with a new passion and vision that made his thirteenth album as fresh and exciting as his debut
album over twenty years ago. Meece?s refreshed spirit and renewed confidence helped make There I Go Again a bold
record. The songwriting and music maintain Meece?s catchy commercial taste, but also stretch him to a new level
artistically and spiritually. “In making a record now, I want it to be because there’s something that really needs to be said
and that I want people to hear. I believe something powerful is going to happen as a result of this project, and that the
fruits of it will go far beyond anything we’re even aware of while we’re on this earth. It’s a real power that comes upon
anybody when they seek God with all their hearts. I know so much more than I did back when I first started recording.
There’s more conviction, a maturity, I guess”, said Meece.
David Meece has clearly tapped into the source that first made him excited about recording music, and as a result,
Christian music?s living legend is taking the stage bigger and better than ever before. Look for David?s new album to hit
streets October 1st.


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