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A couple of weeks ago, when my son Tucker was on tour with “The Newsboys,” I was praying for him and consecrating him to the Lord. Yet, my heart was still fretful. “Would Tucker make wise choices?” “Would he act with discernment?” “Would he be a diligent worker?” “Would he be safe, both physically and emotionally?”
While I was struggling to release him completely, the Lord reminded me of the fact that Tucker had only recently returned from a two week trip to California. I sent Tucker to spend that time working with his grandfather,
Roy, and to hang out with my brother, Justice. While he was there, I never worried for a minute. I knew he was in good hands with Roy. I was excited that he was learning a strong work ethic from him. I had confidence that he and Tucker were having good conversations in between jobs, talking about things that boys need to discuss with other men, and not their mom.
When he wasn’t working with Roy, he would be staying with Justice, who is now a youth leader. Just being around Justice was going to be good for Tucker. Listening to him teach, watching him interact with the junior high kids, praying with him and seeing that it was possible to be cool and a Christian.
God reminded me that when I hand Tucker over to the strong, loving, capable hands of my heavenly Father, he is certainly in even better hands that those of Roy and Justice. So why would I worry? God is more than capable of speaking into Tucker’s heart, training him to exercise wisdom, encouraging him unto good works, and keeping him safe from all evil. If God is for him, who can be against him?
What are you worried about today? Your kids? Finances? Relationships? Work? Health? Now, imagine who you would most trust in this area. What would it be like to have Dr. Phil or Oprah or Dave Ramsey or Billy Graham or the best surgeon in the world or Mother Theresa or anyone else you can think of, come alongside you and help you in this area of concern. You have someOne even better and He’s actually approachable, available and intimately interested. Use your imagination and “hand over” your anxieties to your heavenly Father. He is more than capable of taking good care of you and the people, things and situations you care about.
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