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As a student teacher, my daughter was asked to set up a display on the Nature Table, to show how plants grow from bulbs.
Very carefully she dug up a flowering daffodil plant, cut the bulb in half, and planted the half with the flower on it in a jar. The other
half was displayed to show the leaves, fleshy bulb, and roots.
After the exhibit was finished with, the half that had been planted in the jar was brought home and left out in the garden where it got
the same sunshine and water as other plants. Of course it wasn’t long before the flower and leaves shrivelled up and died, and to all
intents and purposes, I had a seemingly useless jar sitting in the garden. There was no sign of life there for nearly a year.
One day recently I decided I really must empty the dirt out and use the jar for something else. On closer inspection I was amazed to
see there were leaves growing out of the soil. That plant had spent the intervening year repairing the wound and slowly gathering
enough nutrients into it’s bulbous storehouse, to produce the leaves. What was more amazing, as I left it there to grow, it also
managed to send up a flower! I certainly didn’t mind that it flowered months after it’s ?peers?, for it showed that restoration had taken
place. It’s season of healing was over, but only because it’s root system had been left intact.
Some say that it may take two years or longer after the death of someone very close, the break-up of a marriage or a close
relationship, for the pain to begin to fade. Whatever the actual time, it is true that there are seasons of grieving to go through before
life seems worth living to the full again. He can hear you, hold you, and help you through anything, but you will never go somewhere
else until you?re tired of being where you are.
There is no quick-fix for the pain we must experience. Grief cannot be dry-cleaned away, it must be washed in tears. Maybe
adjustments to a changed lifestyle must be made. Time, love, patience and the acceptance of friends and family helps tremendously,
but the real healing must take place in the spirit.
If we have our root system firmly planted in Christ, we can feel His love nourishing us, healing hurts, and slowly but surely leading us
back to where we can produce flowers that will eventually bear the fruits of the Spirit.
It is a comfort to read in Scripture, ?He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.? Ps. 147:3 Also in that Psalm
we learn that God ?gathers, builds up, heals, binds, has unlimited understanding, supplies, delights, strengthens, blesses, and
What a wonderful Friend we have!
WriteCynthia Rowse
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