Nashville’s Bellevue Baptist Church Holds ‘Candlelight Service’



Nashville’s Bellevue Baptist Church observed Christmas Eve with a Candlelight Service announced on the church marquee. I am sure many were looking forward to the service and it probably drew visitors, because who doesn’t like to celebrate Christmas Even with candles and carols?
At the beginning of the service, the advent candles were lit. After a non-seasonal hymn, the song leader led the congregation in a relatively new Christmas song which has made it into the hymnal, “Mary, Did You Know?” While I like this song and enjoyed singing it, it was obvious most of the congregation was not as familiar with the song.
A Southern gospel quartet got up next and sang a twangy song about Mary being “the first to carry the gospel.” Although it was a cute pun, and I saw quite a few nodding their heads or tapping their feet in time to the music, the song didn’t resonate with me on several levels.
The majority of the service was devoted to communion — a lengthy communion service that was moving, and that pastor Mike Shelton tied into the baby/young child being sent ahead to prepare the way and sacrifice himself for us. Christmasy it wasn’t. At the end of the service, the lights were dimmed and pastor lit the deacons’ candles. They, in turn, lit the first candle on each row until the entire congregation held candles. The congregation was led in the singing of “Silent Night” and the service was over.
It was a moving communion service, and singing the 2 Christmas songs was meaningful and seasonal, but I am left thinking that most of us automatically associate singing Christmas multiple carols when we see “Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve” posted on a church marquee — not just 2.
I’ll close with what I posted to Facebook when I got home:
Note to churches: When I go to a “Candlelight Service” on Christmas Eve, I am thinking CHRISTMAS CAROLS should go with those candles!
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