Nancy Pelosi Wants Those Opposed to Mega Mosque Investigated


According to Christian Newswire, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now demanding to know how the opposition to the Ground Zero mega mosque is being funded. Pelosi is quoted as saying, “I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.” At the same time, Speaker Pelosi has apparently expressed no concerns over the fact the UK Company planning the construction of the mosque refuses to say where their funding comes from.
Sharif El-Gamal of SoHo Properties, owner of the property where the mega mosque is to be built, has refused to disclose funding, claiming that the “non-profit” that will operate the mosque has not yet been formed. Speaker Pelosi appears more concerned about the possibility of an alleged conspiracy by those opposing the mosque when she asked for an investigation saying, ” … we should also ask who is funding the attacks against the construction of the center.”
The Religious Freedom Coalition operates the site opposed to the mega mosque and is producing a 60 second commercial exposing the double standard of Islam; Muslims demand the mosque be built at Ground Zero, and at the same time nearly 1,000 Christian churches and other buildings have been attacked or destroyed by Muslims since 9-11.
Religious Freedom Coalition chairman, William J. Murray said, “Apparently Nancy Pelosi is so invested in the Islamic concept of, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ that she will blindly support a mega mosque at Ground Zero simply because it is opposed by social conservatives.”


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