Boys, boys, boys!



Boys, boys, boys! Never in a million years did I think I would be raising
boys! As a 13 year old girl many years ago, my thoughts of what I’d be
doing at this point in my life “when I was officially grown up” is raising 4
children, 2 boys and 2 girls of course. My wonderful Husband would have an
awesome job, I would have a great house, with a white picket fence in front
and all would be well in my world. WRONG!
Instead I have 2 boys, technically 3 if you count the still wonderful
husband. Husband and I both are self-employed and our house has no white
fences…just a white mailbox. What a journey of this 40ish mom trying her
best to melt into the lives of 3 guys. It wasn’t until reading a wonderful
book called “Wild At Heart”, by John Eldridge, that I didn’t have to melt,
that I could relax, and not be so uptight by the constant birage of G.I.
Joe’s and machine gun sounds, burps and farts, and that awful smell that
little boys bring in from the great outdoors…”wet dog smell”! It just
comes with the territory of raising boys.
Realizing that we as men and women are so different and embracing those
differences hasn’t been so easy for any of us. God simply used a TV show
for me to learn how to understand my husband and his many quirks,… I have
none by the way! The show “Home Improvement” IS my life. My husband is
exactly Tim Allen. And my kids pull as many pranks as the boys on this
Well it took that show for my husband and I to see each other for who we are
in a very funny way.
Funny, how God will use very odd resources to show you how you are made.
I’ve learned a few things in these 40+ years. Learning to let go and let
my boys be who they will be, with still very much a guided hand from mom and
dad, much prayer and many a groundings. Letting go of expectations of when
you’re young and foolish and don’t know any better. Grabbing on to life and
living it to the fullest, even when it means you have to put on your own
pair of camo pants and camp out with the guys. Learning to love the smell
of little boys hair after they’ve been outside exploring their childhood.
Learning to love the differences in your spouse and finding their quirks and
their make-up endearing and laughable instead of divorceable.
Hang on to the life that is in front of you and enjoy it, and pour into the
lives of your children. For it’s so true, that they are just little once.
What will be their fondest memory of you? I’m still asking myself that same
question everyday and trying my best to be the kind of mother that I
would’ve wanted.
Lord help us all to be like you. Help us to love the way
you made us whether we are a Barbie loving girl, or a GI Joe smelling boy!

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