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There Is No God
“There is no God,” he claimed, and all creation disagreed.
Thunder shouted His name, wind whispered of His every deed.
But he could only hear the void between ears left and right.
He couldn’t read what the stars wrote; he saw only the night.
“Perhaps God has removed Himself,” he said as God stood near.
The stones cried out their greeting, but the man refused to hear.
The hills sang while the trees danced, twirling leaves in bright array.
God opened wide his arms; the man closed his eyes, turned away.
“Perhaps God died eons ago,” he smirked as angels sighed.
“Perhaps the whole myth ended on the day that Jesus died.”
The birds ignored him as they raised their songs of praises high,
The flowers waved, the grasses bowed, the Living God passed by.
©2007 by Kathryn E. Darden

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Your Words
Your words have been water;
I have bathed in them;
Immersed myself
And been refreshed.
Your words have been honey;
Sweetness and sustenance,
A soothing balm
That fed my soul.
Your words have been razors
That cut my flesh
To the bone.
My blood has flowed.
Your words still beguile:
To see the mind,
To touch the soul,
To fear the pain
Of your words.

©2006 by Kathryn E. Darden

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Bump in the Road
Just a bump in the road;
There’s not much to see,
But we’d all love to visit
Humble Mayberry.
Just a small Southern town
With its long ago charm
Where a child could go roaming
With no thought of harm.
Where a boy could climb trees,
Or sell salve door to door,
Ride his bike through the town
Like so often before,
Race the new girl to Wally’s,
Running fast, jumping high,
Raise some small baby birds
‘Til they learn how to fly.
Yes, this small Southern town
Sometimes sparkled like gold,
Though there’s not much to see —
Just a bump in the road.
©2017 by Kathryn E. Darden
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