Mayberry Poetry

I Still Laugh
Andy and Opie
and all the others,
they seem like
family to me.
And over the years
as I’ve watched,
I’ve grown quite fond
of Aunt Bee.
I started watching
when just a girl,
and I continue
to watch today.
Over and over
I view the reruns,
and I still laugh
at the things they say.
Kathy Fretwell Gandy
Muscle Shoals, AL
A Quiet Spot
When this life is over
and all trials layed to rest.
Give me a quite spot,
in a place I love best.
Let it be Mayberry,
for there’s no place I’d rather be.
On the porch rocking,
with Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee.
Sheron Caywood
Cherokee, Oklahoma
Bump in the Road
Just a bump in the road;
There’s not much to see,
But we’d all love to visit
Humble Mayberry.
Just a small Southern town
With its long ago charm
Where a child could go roaming
With no thought of harm.
Where a boy could climb trees,
Or sell salve door to door,
Ride his bike through the town
Like so often before,
Race the new girl to Wally’s,
Running fast, jumping high,
Raise some small baby birds
‘Til they learn how to fly.
Yes, this small Southern town
Sometimes sparkled like gold,
Though there’s not much to see —
Just a bump in the road.
Kathryn E. Darden
Nashville, TN
Memories That Last
Fast away the years do pass,
but I’ve got memories,
so precious & so sweet,
of a small town that will last.
Captured forever in black & white,
there was a kindly sheriff,
his aunt & his small son,
and a deputy named Fife.
From the courthouse on Main St.
to Floyd’s Barbershop,
Myer’s Lake, Thelma Lou’s porch,
to Goober’s garage for some pop.
There was laughter & joy,
to our eyes brought some tears,
this magical place called Mayberry,
could calm all our fears.
Andy was so loving,
he always helped his friends,
Barney was so funny,
he upheld the law right to the end.
Even though the years have passed,
so quickly they do go,
in our hearts the memories last,
of this sweet place from long ago.
Written by Dave Millard- 12/19/04
New Philadelphia, Ohio
The Moral of Mayberry
God blessed us
with the Andy Griffith show
As a young girl,
Andy helped my life to flow
The times were the best
when Andy and Barney sang
But the show would not be the same
without the Mayberry gang
My favorite song,
The Little Brown Church in the Vail
when it was sung
the tears would come and never fail
Tho, the moral of the show
always came shinning through
You never forgot the story
and what you needed to do
One was made to feel like life,
then , was so much fun
All of us can learn and live
through Andy and the Son
So remember Andy’s lessons
from now and then
And the moral of Mayberry
will never end.
Alice Turner
Radford, Virginia
A Grandma’s Musing
T hinking back to
H appier times, I
E nvision days when
A ndy, with his friends,
N eighbors and relatives,
D elineated for television
Y esterday’s treasures.
G rowing older has its
R igors, and coarseness
I n entertainment does not
F are well in many
F ront rooms where the TV
I nstills crudeness to our grandkids.
T aken as a whole,
H omes in Mayberry
S ucceeded by courageously
H olding forth honor, truth and
O ld-timey kindliness. . . just
W hat this world needs more of.
Jane HuttoPennsacola, FL
The Simple Life
Take me back to Mayberry
And Aunt Bee’s apple pies,
Where faith was so much stronger,
And so were family ties.
Andy was the sheriff,
And also Opie’s dad.
When the two of them went fishing,
Oh how much fun they had.
Barney was the deputy
With one bullet for his gun.
He never needed to use it
Because no one was on the run.
In this small town in America
Life was so simple then.
When people cared about each other,
And being neighborly was the trend.
Does it still exist,
Or has it faded away?
Sometimes I think it would be great
To go back to that yesterday.
Maria BurrowsLargo, Fl
The Andy Griffith Show
T – “Thats for you Thelma Lou”
H – “He’s a nut”
E – “Emancipation Proclaimation”
A – “A Sherriff Without A Gun”
N – “Nip it in the bud”
D – “Dooley”
Y – “You beat everything”
G – “Garden city of the state”
R – “Relax to……………………….(music under the stars)
I – “If lost or stolen please return to Bernard P. Fife………signed Bernard P Fife”
F – “Ford Galaxy…JL327”
F – “Floyd’s Barber Shop”
I – “Illegal U-turn”
T – “Therepetic”
H – “How do you do Mrs. Wiley”
S – “Seventy six documented cases of malfeasance”
H – “His ‘ol salt and pepper suit”
O – “Obey all rules”
W – “West Indian Licorice Mocha Delight”
Mary CoxTilton, IL
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