My Favorite Thing About Christmas

Dan Michaels of The Choir

I truly enjoy buying presents for my wife. Every Christmas we travel to
Ohio with our dog Smokey and stay with her parents for about a week and I
love how happy that makes her and how much fun it is for all of us to be
with some of our relatives.

Andrew Carlton

My favorite part of Christmas is definitely the unexplicable feeling that
is in the air, the feeling of more love than any other time of the year. To me, it isn’t a coincidence that the love I’m talking about occurs around the
same time that we celebrate our Savior’s birth. Being with family and
friends, giving to those people like we never give any other time, loving
like we don’t usually love, that’s my favorite part of Christmas.
Larnelle Harris
“A few years ago I shared with many of you about a breakfast gathering at our
home that started because Mitzy’s mother had this habit of showing up at our
home much too early on Christmas morning to wake our children so that they
could open their gifts. Mainly due to guilt for also waking their parents,
she would stick around and prepare breakfast for all of us. It was the least
that she could do. That breakfast has grown over the years to quite a number
of family and friends. My parents are gone now and our children are now
adults (but they still count on a present or two under the tree.) And Mitzy’s
mom? Well, although she doesn’t get around as easily as she used to and is
not always up to fixing the meal, we’re just glad she’s still showing up.”
Denise: My favorite thing is the fact that Jesus is so “in people’s faces”. Even if you are not a believer, you
have to notice Him. I hope that leads to questions. When I Think of our Lord’s birth, I am overwhelmed at
times with how blessed i am to know Him as my savior and friend. My favorite Christmas was in the ninth
grade. I was wrapping packages in my small home town jewelry store. My home town then was
somewhat like Bedford Falls in “it’s A Wonderful Life”. My friends would drop by on my lunch hour when
they were in town to shop and we would go to lunch. I felt so grown up. Then a couple of nights
before Christmas, it began to snow and every one from the stores came out and just looked up and the
lights that illuminated the street and at the precious sight of new snow. All at once , I felt totally
connected to every one there. We all were like children taken in by the beauty of life. We were all
aware that we are truly family. That Christmas Eve, I was at home and i pulled my rocking chair up to
the fire place and began to read the Bible. For some reason, I read the story of our Lord’s crucifixion.
I was so moved and felt so grateful to be in god’s family. His sacrifice became very real to me that

Lisa Bevill

Lisa Bevill
Well, one of my kids’ favorite Christmas things is to set up our Christmas Village on our dining room table. Over the years, I’ve painted over 25 pieces, little houses that light up. And added one each year. We’ve got an ice skating pond, tall pine trees, and little people. It looks like a
winter wonder land in the middle of the living room. My two boys, Cody and Trevor, love driving their matchbox cars all over the village and they especially love landing their airplanes and helicopters on top of these fragile porcelein pieces and of course bombing the peaceful city
below…..they love to be GI Joe a little too much. It’s truly a sight!
Dex Alexander of All Together Separate

Well, Christmas is as important to All Together Separate as it is with everyone I’m sure. Our most memorable experience as a
band is, without a doubt, the Evans Family Christmas.
When we were starting off, there was a friend of ours
who wanted us to play for her family’s Christmas get
together. We rocked for all eight of them, including
Grandma and Uncle Evans. It was raucous!!! We knocked
over a glass of red punch on their white carpet and
everything!Jingle Bell Rock!!!
Kathy Troccoli
When I think of Christmas, two things immediately come to mind. The first
is, of course, the meaning of the holiday and the external impact of
Christ’s birth on the world – the ultimate reason for celebration. I also
think of some of the most beautiful music ever created – the songs for the
Christmas season. I have a deep appreciation for the standards made famous
by those 20th century voices and the big band jazz sound that so often
provided the foundation for their arrangements.
Buddy Greene

My favorite thing about Christmas is the music. I love hearing Christmas
songs everywhere I go – department stores, elevators, concert halls,
churches. It doesn’t matter where, it just seems like the whole world is
tuning up, trying to come into harmony. Even unbelievers find themselves
humming “Silent Night” or “Joy to the World”. For a season the music of the
Messiah becomes everyone’s song.
Paul Alan – (formerly with Nouveaux) AUDIO X RECORDS

Seeing my family. I’m a momma’s boy.
“My favorite thing about Christmas is that one moment on Christmas eve when
I’m sitting in the living room with my family, sipping hot apple cider or
chocolate, we’re listening to old Christmas records and getting ready to
our gifts. There’s just something really special about that moment.”
Babbie Mason

“I love getting together with all my family, sharing old memories to my
nieces and nephews about their parents, my brothers and sister; and I love
remembering my first and favorite doll, Suzy Smart who was an A student and
a singer.”
Oak Ridge Boys

Duane Allen – Best Christmas/memory is when wife dressed their new baby
(daughter Jamie approx. 12 days old at the time) in Christmas clothing, put
her in a basket and put her under the tree.
Joe Bonsall- Memory of his Father going downstairs the night before
Christmas and setting up a platform with a train track, then putting the
Christmas tree right in the middle. Train would circle under the tree.
Fabulous Lionel train set. Had an engine with smoke, coal car, Baby Ruth
candy box car and a caboose. That’s how he remembers Christmas.
Richard Sterban – College student at Trenton State College. Music major,
studying voice. Part of what they did was to go caroling around the
college. Happy memory. Great fun.


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